10 Best Co-Op Zombie Games


  • Co-op zombie games provide immense joy and fun when playing with friends, allowing players to laugh and scream at hordes of undead together.
  • The best co-op zombie games, like Resident Evil 5 and Left 4 Dead 2, offer the satisfaction of taking on zombies as a team and surviving the post-apocalypse.
  • From intense combat in Back 4 Blood to the open-world adventure in Dying Light, co-op gameplay adds an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to the zombie genre.

Is there anything better than entering a post-apocalypse with a friend and laying waste to every zombie that gets within the biting distance? Zombie games have always been a classic staple of gaming, which is why there are plenty of fun zombie games to play with friends.


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There’s no greater feeling than finding one of the best co-op games with a friend, laughing and screaming at the hordes of undead. The satisfaction players can find in some of these best zombie games will bring an extra bout of fun knowing they can play with a friend.

Updated on January 7, 2024 by Jake Fillery: Multiplayer zombie games remain extremely popular, and players seem to adore working together in some of the best co-op zombie games to test their survival abilities and how well they would handle a situation when flesh-eating monsters are attempting to rip them to shreds. In 2024, players can find an abundance of amazing zombie games to play with friends, as long as they can handle the frights that might come from these gruesome foes. Taking the best multiplayer zombie games, players might find a gem or two that will keep them and their friends entertained for hours.

16 Lethal Company

Steam Rating: 10/10 (205,310 Reviews)

lethal company mask

Version 45 of Lethal Company introduced a new enemy type reminiscent of zombies with the Masks. These enemies further enhance mistrust and horror within the game that has taken the internet and Steam for a wild and fun ride. In Lethal Company, players work for the mysterious Company, and are tasked with collecting scrap on randomly generated facilities and mansions on abandoned moons.

Time is money, and players only have until midnight to get back to their ship with the loot they have acquired. With plenty of threats lurking within the buildings, players are bound to scream, and the new silent zombie enemies in Lethal Company can make things even scarier. To enhance the zombie experience, the MaskedEnemyOverhaul mod by HomelessGinger makes it so that these zombie enemies do not wear a mask, making it hard to distinguish a fake player from a real one, especially when they wear the same suits and spawn more frequently.

15 Minecraft

Metascore: 82


PS4 , PS3 , PS Vita , Xbox One , Xbox 360 , Switch , 3DS , PC , Android , iOS , Wii U

November 18, 2011

Sandbox , Survival

Minecraft might be a peaceful game for many players, but for some seeking a thrill, ramp up the difficulty and spend the night hunting zombies. Zombies are one of the most classic enemies in Minecraft, and they come out at night and lurk in the darkest corners of caves, murmuring to themselves as they wait for new flesh to eat. Whether it’s players or villagers, the Minecraft zombies can be a grand threat, especially when they grow in numbers.

Zombies can also be found underwater as a variant called the Drowned. These special enemies are a grand threat, and they can certainly disrupt the peaceful fun of jumping through flower fields and feeding steaks to dogs, so it’s best to build a fortress and fill an area with light sources to try and counter these threats.

14 DayZ

Steam Rating: 7/10 (310,896 Reviews)



December 13, 2018


Whilst the goal of DayZ is more simple than other zombie games, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. When players drop into DayZ, they need to survive, and that fight to do so will see players fend up zombie threats as well as the real monsters: griefing players. DayZ has large lobbies, expansive with other players and strangers who might not be happy to see another survivor. Players might fight each other for the loot, or even to try and get free labor out of one another.

DayZ can be a brutal experience, but as a co-op game, players might have a better time, as they can stick together and watch out for one another, especially when it comes to fighting off zombies and players that both seem to want the same thing: the player dead.

13 Fortnite: Save The World

Metascore: 78

promo image for fortnite stw game mode


July 25, 2017

Survival , Battle Royale

Whilst most players might recognize Fortnite as one of the best Battle Royale games, it has expanded in 2024 to introduce new game modes since the Big Bang Event. Whilst players can jam out with instruments, race each other, and experience many amazing Creative maps from the community, the first concept for Fortnite before the Battle Royale, Save the World, has gone unloved for far too long, and zombie fans might enjoy what it offers.

Save the World is the original idea for Fortnite, and if players are well experienced with Fortnite, they can bring their favorite skins into this story mode. Players will battle together, and build bases to stop the constant zombie hordes that lurk within the purple storms. There are many missions, rewards, and maps to get through in Fortnite‘s zombie mode.

12 Resident Evil 5

Metascore: 83

Chris And Sheva

For the first time in Resident Evil history, players can experience a leading title in co-op. Resident Evil 5 was designed for two players, meaning one player can take control of Chris, and the other, Sheva. Both characters are on a mission to stop the growing threat of horrific viruses, with the one in Resident Evil 5 capable of potentially wiping out Africa.

The fact that Resident Evil 5 can be played entirely in co-op, whether through couch co-op or online player, adds a new layer of fun to the game. Fans already loved Resident Evil 5, but bringing along a buddy for the ride makes it even more fun than it already was.

11 No More Room in Hell

Steam Rating: 9/10 (69,814 Reviews)

0_0005_No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell

October 31, 2011

No More Room in Hell Team


Featuring up to eight online players, No More Room in Hell is all about teamwork and using smarts to best the zombie hordes. There are plenty of horrors in No More Room in Hell, and it seems that the dead have truly taken over the world. Players need to fight their way through hordes of undead in order to get through their missions and come out the other side unscathed and uninfected.


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There are some dedicated mechanics that make No More Room in Hell a lot of fun. Players have a chance of becoming infected if they are attacked by zombies, and they will either need to cure themselves or find temporary solutions before they are gone for good. Weapons are scarce, and zombies are plenty, so No More Room in Hell isn’t the easiest, but it certainly can be a lot of fun.

10 Left 4 Dead 2

Metascore: 89

clown zombie climbing some metal in left 4 dead 2

As a co-op action horror, Left 4 Dead 2 emphasizes teamwork. Players can play Left 4 Dead 2 solo, and be joined by AI allies, but the game is at its most fun when the adventure is shared with friends. Players will venture through cities and swamps to try and survive, concluding their journey in heroism against the walking dead.

Not only is Left 4 Dead 2 just a great co-op zombie shooter, filled with interesting level design, enemy types, and weapons, but on PC, players can enjoy a plethora of the best Left 4 Dead mods made by the community, which can turn their characters into iconic pop culture heroes, or the zombies into pop tarts and Teletubbies.

9 Dead Space 3

Metascore: 78

dead space ea motive remake 2 3 iron man

The bottom line of Necromorphs is that they are zombies: humans, and other organic creatures that have been malformed and resurrected by the mysterious Markers to cause havoc and a gore fest in Dead Space 3. With more Markers and Unitologists, means more problems for Isaac Clarke, which is a great reason why Dead Space 3 adds a co-op buddy of Sgt. John Carver.

Although Dead Space 3 is often not seen as the best in the franchise, it’s still a very fun co-op zombie game. Players can engage in exclusive co-op missions to further explore their characters and their teamwork. It’s also great fun building unique weapons to shoot limbs with.

8 Killing Floor 2

Metascore: 75

killing floor 2

Bring along five friends and players can have the wildest zombie frenzy in Killing Floor 2. The game features a bout of slaughtering mayhem, in which a large group of co-op players will put their weapons and unique zombie-slaying builds to the test in the many different maps and boss arenas. Killing Floor 2 features a wide variety of zombie types and bosses, making each run unique and frightful.

There’s a great experience awaiting players in Killing Floor 2. It can be played just as a casual zombie shooter, or, enjoyed on a harder difficulty to up the ante of loot and mayhem. Killing Floor 2 does a great job at its design, and the more players, the better.

7 Back 4 Blood

Metascore: 77


From the creators of Left 4 Dead, comes Back 4 Blood. Players might enjoy Back 4 Blood for its recent addition to the zombie genre, as it features many modern mechanics like looting and a perk system, as well as a modern bout of graphical capabilities that will impress most audiences. Although the game has mostly mixed reviews, the fun is only heightened with friends.


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There’s an intensity to the combat in Back 4 Blood, and the many enemy types make teamwork essential, especially when the game only recently ended active support that adds new enemies, levels, and cards to create ever-changing builds for each character and player.

6 Dying Light

Metascore: 74

a baby is born dying light side quest

Dying Light

January 27, 2015

There’s a large open world awaiting players of Dying Light thanks to the developers of Techland. This game has players scavenge for supplies, craft their weapons, and battle hordes of a variety of infected humans. Players will take to the slums of Harran and can enjoy the parkour elements of the game with a friend by their side.

There’s a lot to do in Dying Light, including different game modes, like looting during the night in which another player can spawn as a terrifying Night Stalker zombie. During co-op, the host’s partner’s XP, weapons, cash, skills, and gear will continue to their world, but not the missions they have done together.

5 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

Metascore: 81


Call of Duty Zombies has quickly become a staple of the franchise, becoming as important as the Multiplayer and Campaign components of Call of Duty. In Black Ops 3, the Zombies received its biggest innovation yet, with new perks, maps, weapons, enemy variety, and a plethora of easter eggs and missions to complete the survival mode.

With friends, players of Black Ops 3 can enjoy the zombies game mode to the fullest, with a bounty of maps to enjoy, including some old classics remade from previous Call of Duty titles. Black Ops 3 offers a lot of zombie maps, with some features of these maps locked behind co-op play. Just don’t forget to revive a friend, especially if they have a Ray Gun.

4 Dead Island

Metascore: 71

Dead Island 1 Trailer Father reaching hand out to Daughter

Dead Island

September 6, 2011

Action RPG , Survival Horror

On the tropical island of Banoi, a wonderful resort is turned into a post-apocalyptic nightmare thanks to the zombie outbreak. It’s up to the four immune survivors of Dead Island to find a way off of the island and to take out as many zombies as they can whilst doing it.


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Whilst Dead Island may not be the most graphically and mechanically impressive game, it can be a lot of fun with friends, featuring a fully-fledged campaign that players can enjoy in co-op. The map is large, the weapons are fun, and who doesn’t love hacking-and-slashing zombies?

3 7 Days To Die

Steam Rating: 9/10 (202,952 Reviews)

Attacking zombies with a flaming bat in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

December 13, 2013

The Fun Pimps

Featuring co-op, 7 Days to Die is a constantly new and exciting open-world game, featuring zombies and survival elements. Players will begin their journey with nothing but their hands, and the evolving title will see players explore the world to thrive in a dead world, filled with infected humans and wildlife.

Due to the survival elements, 7 Days to Die can be a great experience to work on those team bonds. Wit is just as important as strength, and it’s best to bring a good buddy along for the ride if players want to survive this post-apocalypse without joining the undead hordes.

2 Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Metascore: 72

Zombie Army 4 Special Zombie Using Resurrection Ability

An endlessly entertaining gore fest of zombie enemies needs slaying and sniping in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. There’s a frenzy of undead Nazis in need of killing for a second time, as well as a rather unique campaign that can be enjoyed by 1-4 players. It’s a fun experience, filled with everything a zombie killer needs.

Players of Zombie Army 4 can expect exciting bullet-piling action during a zombie-infested 1940s Europe. Only the best shooters will be able to save humanity in this undead apocalypse, which is why playing as a team is such an important element.

1 Dead Island 2

Metascore: 73


Although most zombies are rotten, Dead Island 2 brings freshness to the genre. The game was just recently released in 2023, featuring new and exciting elements for the franchise, as well as the zombie slashing genre as a whole. Dead Island 2 is dedicated to the co-op experience and is a game that players should pick up if they want to venture through a zombie-infested L.A.

The game is fun to play solo, but bringing in a friend or 2 can significantly improve the gameplay, especially when progression is shared across all characters, meaning that choices and directions matter for the entire team, not just the host.

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