Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Karlach Quotes


  • Karlach is a beloved companion character in Baldur’s Gate 3, known for her infectious personality and profound insight.
  • Karlach has some incredible quotes throughout the game, including romantic declarations, friendly advice, and hilarious insults.
  • The popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3 has soared, with Karlach being one of the most romanced characters and adored by fans for her good nature and witty lines.

Karlach has become a very beloved Baldur’s Gate 3 companion character, thanks to her adorably infectious personality. She gets excited about pretty much everything, has a huge heart (even if it happens to be an infernal engine), and has a heart-wrenching arc to boot, full of some surprisingly profound insight.


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With such a strongly defined character, it is no surprise that Karlach has an absolute glut of adorable, hilarious, and moving quotes throughout Baldur’s Gate 3. Whether they’re romantic declarations, friendly advice, incredible insults, or a joke to lighten the hearts of the party members, Karlach has some incredible quotes, and these are some of her best.

Updated January 22, 2024, by Nyah Payne: The popularity of Baldur’s Gate 3 quickly skyrocketed in 2023, as they swept The Game Awards and won the prestigious Game of the Year award. It is no surprise, given Larian’s commitment to the continued development on the already beloved RPG. They worked to release the game for Xbox Series X/S, added new epilogue content, and even added a new game mode that increased the difficulty and vastly changed up the game feel. They’ve also continued to release game stats, revealing that Karlach is still one of the most romanced characters, adored by fans for her good nature and hilarious quotes!

12 “That’s For Someone Teeny-Tiny, Not Biggy-Biggy”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach The Red Tiefling Looks At A Burrow Hole Saying The Line

This gem of a line can only be found when Karlach interacts with one of the little burrow holes throughout Baldur’s Gate 3. Really, she’s just letting players know that she can’t fit in there unless she has some way to become ‘teeny-tiny’.

But it’s such an adorably amusing way of putting it that this bark line just has to make the list! Lines like this are proof that players will get some great character development just by interacting with different things as each of the playable characters.

11 “Shadowheart’s A Funny Frog”

Karlach in the trailer

A lot of players are likely to miss Karlach calling Shadowheart a ‘funny frog’, which is a shame as it’s such a funny voice line! In order to trigger this line, players need to recruit Karlach before they recruit Shadowheart, who is normally one of the first characters that players would naturally befriend.

After recruiting Shadowheart, players can then talk to Karlach to hear her hilarious first impression. She does also add, “I like her fringe though. Very blunt.”

10 “I Want To Ride You ‘Til You See Stars”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach Pulling Back From Kiss With Player Character

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t shy away from intimacy, and neither does Karlach. She is one of the romance options, and definitely one of the most open about exactly what she wants to do to her partner.

In part, this may be due to the fact that she can’t actually make good on those feelings, due to the infernal engine she has as a heart making her too hot (physically) to touch anyone. But, on the player’s first night with her, she’s more than happy to blurt out that she wants to ride the player character until they see stars. For someone so forward, Karlach is a very smooth talker.

9 “Aw, Was That Gale’s Granddad?”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach Pointing

There are a few moments in the game where Karlach can fangirl over some infamous adventurers, namely Jaheira and Minsc. Unfortunately, she hasn’t heard of Elminster Aumar, the esteemed wizard, and assumes he’s Gale’s granddad.

Her initial jokey obliviousness is very endearing, and she quickly shows her more protective side when players explain that Elminster actually came bearing an impossible task for Gale. It is a sweet and funny quip that is Karlach to a tee.

8 “Please Don’t Open The Creepy Book”

bg3 infernal iron locations

Another amusing Karlach line, this one definitely reflects what a part of the player’s brain is sure to be thinking. Players can find a book called ‘The Necromancy Of Thay’ in a cellar in the Blighted Village, and it is admittedly a terrifying-looking text.

Players can read the book to gain some forbidden knowledge and power, but there is a very ominous lead-up to this moment. If Karlach is in the party at this point, she says what everyone is thinking. “Please don’t open the creepy book.” A hilarious line and perhaps some good advice.

7 “There’s Courage In Being Terrified, But Still Going Forward”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach

This is one of the more profound comments by Karlach, stemming from her truly heartbreaking personal story. Even when Karlach’s infernal engine heart is cooled down enough to let her touch people, it is revealed that it is growing increasingly unstable, destined to burn up unless Karlach returns to Avernus. This is the last thing Karlach wants, intending to die before ever stepping foot in Avernus again.

Of course, this doesn’t make her gradually approaching death any less terrifying. A lot of Karlach’s arc involves confronting her mortality and the fear of death, and this line is a beautiful way of summing up her outlook. Of course, Karlach is going to be afraid of dying, but she shows strength and courage in the way that she pushes on to save the world and relish her time with her loved ones.

6 “Easy, Now – A Piece Of Me Will Burn You Going In And Out”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach With Tied Up Dark Urge

This line comes under a very specific circumstance, but it is a very amusing one and slightly endearing too. Players will only get this scene if they play a Dark Urge character, romance Karlach, and refuse to kill Isobel in The Last Light Inn. The Dark Urge will be ordered to kill their love interest, but they can warn their partner before they enter their blood rage.


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Should players do this, they’ll come to consciousness tied in binds by Karlach. The Dark Urge still isn’t in their right mind, though, and can attempt to bite Karlach. They fail, and Karlach gently cautions them that taking a chunk out of her wouldn’t do their digestive tract any good.

5 “Avernus Was Never My Home…”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach Rages In Front Of Paladin

Karlach has some amazingly delivered lines, and this is definitely one of them. While confronting some supposed Paladins of Tyr in act one, who are actually servants of Zariel attempting to take Karlach back to Avernus, she can absolutely let loose on them.

As flames of rage surround her, she yells at them, “Avernus was never my home. It was my prison. I’m free now. And I’m never going back!” The raw emotion in the line makes it really memorable, and it is great to see her embrace the rage that powers her barbarian abilities.

4 “Stick Close To Mama K”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach

This is a line beloved by Karlach fans, due to its adorable sincerity. If players enter the Shadow-Cursed Lands in act two for the first time with Karlach as a companion, she will remark that it gives her the chills. That’s saying something, given her infernal constitution.

But, since she is pretty much a walking radiator, she tells the party to stick close to her, referring to herself as Mama K. As a lovable and protective character, the title certainly suits her!

3 “That’s So Sweet…And F***ed Up”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach Approached By Dark Urge Lover

This is another very cute and very funny line from Karlach during the confrontation between her and her Dark Urge lover. Dark Urge players have a very limited amount of time to convey the urgency of the situation to their lover. If they tell Karlach that they are going to kill the person they love most – her – she will respond with this line.

As amusing as it is, to be fair to Karlach, it does convey the tone of the situation pretty well. There’s nothing about the Dark Urge run that isn’t a little messed up, but the very fact that they can fight this instinct to protect the ones they love is quite sweet in its own twisted way.

2 “I’ve Taken More Pleasant Sh*ts Than You, Mizora”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach

If it wasn’t obvious from the quote, Karlach really doesn’t like Wyll’s devil patron, Mizora. This is very justified since she is objectively evil and also orders Wyll to kill Karlach at the beginning of act one. But Karlach’s rage results in some very funny insults directed towards the devil.

When she shows up in camp in act two, Karlach states that she loves this time of year because it’s when the ‘d*ckheads’ start popping up. But this line comes in defense of Wyll after Mizora has punished him for sparing Karlach’s life, and it is certainly a zinger. You tell her, Karlach.

1 “Better Let The F***ers Know I’m Back. And This Time, I’m Not Alone”

Baldur's Gate 3, Karlach Lighting Cigar With Magical Flame

This can be the last line that Karlach says in the whole game and, like her, it goes out with a bang. If players want to save her from her fated death due to her infernal machine heart, players can offer to go to Avernus with her, and potentially Wyll too.

This ending was initially very abrupt, but Larian added an extended cutscene in a patch to make it more conclusive. While Karlach really doesn’t want to return to Avernus, she is grateful to have her life and her friends. This line is a really satisfying and powerful final line to wrap up Karlach’s story, emphasizing resilience, courage, and companionship.

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