Best Mods For The Online Mode


  • Modders have brought amazing new experiences to GTA: Online, from character changes to creating new roles and ways to play.
  • There are various programs and websites that allow players to download and install mods for GTA Online.
  • Some popular mods include LSPD First Response, Simple Zombies, and Open All Interiors.

GTA: Online has been given a new lease on life thanks to the wonderful modding community. Whilst the game is by no means dead, Rockstar Games seems fairly dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 6, leaving many players eagerly awaiting the next GTA game whilst they use GTA Online to tide over the wait, even if that is at an unannounced time within 2025. To make this time go a little faster, GTA Online has some pretty sweet mods to add even more fun.


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Whether it’s structured or chaotic, there are plenty of exciting mods to check out for GTA 5‘s Online Mode. However, it’s worth noting that Rockstar Games does not take kindly to modding, so players should look into these mods at their own risk to see if they want to give them a try. The best GTA Online mods might not always work, but it’s fun to unleash the power of mods upon Los Santos, as long as it does not harm the fun of other players.

How To Mod GTA Online

Humpback whale on top of a car in GTA online

There are many ways to mod GTA Online, but players generally stick to a few programs. One of the first steps before beginning the adventure of modding is to copy the GTA 5 program. Having a second copy of the game will allow players to have a modded version and a clean version of the game. A modded version is needed to mess around with, and a clean version is necessary for players to log in with to access the official GTA 5 to avoid a potential ban. After that, it is as simple as downloading one of the many programs for modding the game. Some of the best are:

  • ScripthookV
  • OpenIV
  • ScriptHookVDotNet
  • Rage Plugin Hook

After getting the programs ready, it is time to start downloading mods. While there are also many programs to install mods, there are more websites that allow players to download mods. The main one that players tend to use is Even though this site specializes in the single-player mode, players can use the site to access dedicated fan-modded servers to indulge in some fun without being on the official GTA Online servers.

8 VisualV

Downloads: 2,971,981

visualv mod

Whilst not having an effect on the game and introducing some wacky antics, VisualV introduces a sophisticated graphic overhaul to GTA 5 for players looking to make Los Santos feel a little more modern. Since the game is over a decade old, the VisualV mod will help render a smoother and more colorful outlook on life in Los Santos and Blaine County. It’s a great visual overhaul mod for GTA 5 that won’t have an impact on other players’ experiences.

There are many features of this mod, but perhaps the most notable ones to mention come from the fact that the weather functions have been rewritten, higher quality shadows, and options to make the most optimal experience; from advanced motion blur to no lens flares, providing a true rockstar experience.

7 Realistic Guns Sounds

Downloads: 1,358,343

realistic gun sounds mod

  • Mod Creators: XENORT, 420×420, MaoBO, ThisIsntMyName
  • Mod Link

Whilst GTA Online continues to evolve and add new weapons in major updates, some players with a flair for the AAA-dramatic might be disappointed to fire one of these many guns, only to hear the same stock sound from their very first pistol. The guns don’t exactly have an impressive library of sounds, but the Realistic Guns Sounds mod will make every shot pleasing to the ears.

This mod will take sounds from beloved shooters, like Insurgency Sandstorm, Battlefield, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in order to create some realistic and powerful gun sounds. There is also an improvement to reloading sounds, with a great balance of mixing and editing for gun appreciators to enjoy in the virtual world of GTA Online.

6 Open All Interiors

Downloads: 2,667,531

open all interiors mod

For the players who have always wanted to explore all of San Andreas, this mod is for them. Open All Interiors does what it says on the tin, and will allow players to freely explore all of the buildings that are inaccessible in the vanilla game. There are plenty of buildings that players access during the story mode, or through glitches, that are locked in GTA Online. With this mod, players will be able to set up shop and explore the darkest corners of these once-locked buildings.


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With over 64 interiors to explore, players will be able to examine every detail of Rockstar Games’ work, including some fan favorite spots like the morgue, Floyd’s house, and the LifeInvader offices. If there’s a building with a door, it’s more than likely that with this mod it will now open, revealing all its secrets.

5 JobsV

Downloads: 611,469


Roleplaying is a large factor within the GTA Online modding community. Players love to RP, and it’s constantly bringing in new players and keeping the game fresh. Players experience responsibilities and restrictions to make GTA Online one of the most realistic open-world multiplayer games, and JobsV can certainly help assist players with that due to the ambition of the mod that will certainly make the game feel like a fun virtual life indeed.

Players can apply to get jobs, attend college to earn a degree, and make a salary whilst they figure out what Los Santos has to offer them, or they do it. The playable jobs add a great sense of responsibility, and it’s a nice mod for players who aren’t seeking a larger RP server to immerse themselves in.

4 Prison Mod

Downloads: 290,758

prison mod

Since Grand Theft Auto is all about doing crime, the fact that players are instantly shot by the police without the option to surrender or go to prison is a true shame. However, with the Prison Mod, players will be able to get arrested by police or surrender to them so that they can head to prison, and experience essentially a brand new game within GTA Online that breathes new life into the prison system that seems discarded in Blaine County.

This mod allows players to go to prison, where they can pay bail to leave or escape. Through determination and manipulation, players can even start a riot between prisoners and guards, or just have the two groups kill each other. To add to the immersion, players will be driven to a prison, complete with a change of clothes.

Downloads: 170,559

All In One Menu | Jobs & Heists 

Whilst there have been many ambitious and grand heist mods throughout the lifespan of GTA Online, some of them have become outdated and buggy due to a lack of updates. One of the more up-and-coming mods that had a steady stream of updates for 2021 and 2022 was the All in One Menu for Jobs & Heists, which allowed players to have more functions with their interaction menu, as well as to start a bundle of different jobs and heists.

Whilst the heists are replayable from the ones players love, like the Diamond Casino Heist, Series A, and the Humane Labs Raid, there are also random jobs, like assassination missions, stealing drugs, and repossess missions. All of these add a criminal flair to GTA Online and assist the immersive aspects of RP.

2 Simple Zombies

Downloads: 1,570,207

Simple Zombies mod

Despite not having been updated since 2017, this mod still works great in the current year. For those who enjoy DayZ or The Last of Us, this Simple Zombies mod makes the game anything but simple. Zombies have infested GTA 5, and players will need to be careful not to attract the hordes as they navigate their resources of food and loot, whilst trying to keep their survivors alive in this incredible survival mod.


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It’s a great new way to play GTA 5, and if players can get the mod working in a private online server, then they are in for a treat, as players can team together or fight for each other’s loot as they work towards surviving against the common enemy: zombies, all with different abilities.

1 LSPD First Response

Downloads: 15,909,934

 LSPD First Response mod

  • Mod Creators: G17 Media, Sam, LMS, Cyan
  • Mod Link

One of the most beloved GTA Online mods of all time, LSPD First Response completely changes what players know about the game and turns it into a law enforcement simulator. The mod is constantly evolving into its own thing, and the 0.4.9 build is perhaps the most ambitious variant of this mod yet, which allows players to enforce the law however they see fit in a world ravished with crime.

For players seeking a role in virtual law enforcement, the LSPD First Response mod is a great choice for many reasons, one of the most prominent being the fact that they are now officers of the law. Assemble a squad of righteous police officers and take to the streets of Los Santos to patrol and enforce.

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