Best Weapons In Stardew Valley


  • Collecting ores and minerals in the mines is crucial for crafting and upgrading in Stardew Valley.
  • Having a strong weapon is important for clearing the mines and dungeons and completing quests.
  • The best weapons in the game include the Master Slingshot, Dwarf Dagger, and Dark Sword, each with their own unique qualities.

A large aspect of Stardew Valley is collecting ores and minerals for crafting and upgrading. But the mines are littered with deadly slimes, crabs, mummies, serpents, etc., so it’s important to have a strong weapon. Clearing the mines and dungeons will also allow players to complete quests, get shiny gifts for villagers, and explore new and exciting areas within the game.


Stardew Valley: All Weapon Types, Explained

There are a few different options for weapons in Stardew Valley, and each have their own unique qualities.

There are four different types of weapons within Stardew Valley; Swords, Daggers, Clubs, and Slingshots. These weapons all come with different stats to help players move faster, build their defense, increase the chance for a critical attack, and much more. These are the best weapons players can use in Stardew Valley.

Updated January 19, 2024 by Alexandra O’Leary: Despite being released in 2016, Stardew Valley has only seen continuous growth in popularity. Even as developer ConcernedApe shifts focus to the upcoming Haunted Chocolatier, his original game has suffered no lapse in players. While fans are highly anticipating the new release, Stardew Valley nonetheless continues to be updated – and luckily, there’s enough content in the game to keep players occupied for hundreds of hours.

One of the biggest focus points in the game is the mines, where players can take down monsters and obtain various rare treasures. Not only will players want some epic weapons to help their progress, but the further down they go the better chance they have of encountering even better weapons that will make slicing Slimes a piece of cake.

13 Master Slingshot

Damage Dependent on Ammo (Est. 50-202)

Master Slingshot

The master slingshot is the best slingshot in Stardew Valley. It can be found on floor 70 in The Mines as a reward for descending. This weapon can be challenging to use, but as the only projectile weapon in the game, it can be useful for taking out monsters at a distance.

The damage a slingshot can deal is completely dependent on the type of ammunition equipped. To do the most damage, players should use Iridium ore which causes 50-202 damage, or Gold which does 30-122.

12 Dwarf Dagger

32-38 Damage, +1 Speed

Dwarf Dagger

If fans are looking for a strong defensive weapon, the Dwarf Dagger is a fantastic way to keep those monsters at bay. To obtain this weapon, players must explore the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island. The dagger has a 1/21* chance of being found in a common chest.


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The Slingshot and Master Slingshot are the only projectile weapons in Stardew Valley, but mastering them can be tricky for new players.

With a defense statistic of +6, this dagger has the highest defense level in Stardew Valley. Additionally, the Dwarf Dagger gives players +1 Speed, +2 Crit Chance, and +5 Weight. In total, it can deal 32- 38 damage to monsters.

11 Dark Sword

30-45 Damage, 9% Vampiric

Dark Sword

The Dark Sword is a fan favorite. This weapon has some amazing stats, but to find it, players will require a little luck. In the Quarry, players will discover Skull Cavern. This area is populated with Haunted Skulls. When killing these mobs, there is a 1.3% chance that the Dark Sword will be dropped.

The best thing about the Dark Sword is its Vampiric stat. With this stat, players will have a 9% chance of gaining between 9-10.67% of a monster’s health after killing it. Additionally, this sword can deal 30-45 damage and has +2 crit chance, although it is slower than many other weapons with -5 speed and +5 weight.

10 Dragontooth Shiv

40-50 Damage, +100 Crit Power

Dragontooth Shiv

The Dragontooth Shiv is a level 12 weapon that’s great for players who want decent damage with great crit power. If players aren’t concerned about having a weapon with defense, then the Dragontooth Shiv is a good, quick weapon that will deal around 40-50 damage.

To obtain the Dragontooth Shiv, players will have to venture inside the Volcano on Ginger Island. It can be found in a dungeon chest within the Volcano Dungeon and has a whopping +100 Crit Power. This can easily quadruple the damage dealt if players land a critical hit.

9 Infinity Dagger

50-70 Damage, +3 Defense, +4 Crit Chance

Infinity Dagger

As one of the best daggers in Stardew Valley, the Infinity Dagger can cause 50-70 damage. Considered the true form of the Galaxy dagger, this weapon must be crafted in the forge on Ginger Island. This is done by combining the Galaxy dagger, three Galaxy Souls, and sixty Cinder Shards in the Forge.


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When using the Infinity Dagger, players will benefit from weapon stats including, +1 speed, +3 defense, +4 crit chance, and +5 weight, making this a very handy weapon for exploring. If sold, this weapon would be worth 800g.

8 Lava Katana

55-64 Damage, +25 Crit Power

Lava Katana

The Lava Katana is a brilliant weapon choice because it’s relatively easy to obtain for any seasoned explorer. Instead of mindlessly opening dungeon chests and hoping for it to appear, the Lava Katana can simply be bought from the Adventurer’s Guild. The only caveat is that players must have reached the bottom of the mines first, otherwise it won’t be available – and it does cost 25,000 Gold.

The upside is that the Lava Katana does brilliant damage, and has a +25 crit power which will deal a fantastic amount of damage if players manage to land a critical hit. The Lava Katana also offers a +3 to defense and a +3 to weight, which adds extra protection and increases knockback against enemies – which can be huge if players are low on health.

7 Dwarf Sword

65-75 Damage, +4 Defense, +2 Speed

Dwarf Sword

Like the Dwarf Dagger, the Dwarf Sword has a 1/21* chance of being found within common chests in the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island. But this weapon is much more powerful than its shorter counterpart, with damage ranging from 65-75.

The Dwarf Sword can be sold for 650g and has several qualities that make it stand out from other weapons. For instance, its high +4 defense and +2 speed stat allow players to take down multiple monsters quickly and efficiently.

6 Galaxy Sword

60-80 Damage, +4 Speed

Galaxy Sword

The Galaxy Sword is often considered a favorite amongst Stardew Valley players. It can inflict 60-80 damage and is aided by a massive +4 speed stat that makes it incredibly useful, especially earlier in the game.

To obtain this weapon, players must find a rare Prismatic Shard and take it to the center of the three pillars in the Desert. Once the Galaxy Sword is acquired, the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger can be purchased at the Adventurer’s Guild. Be careful not to lose or sell this sword as it can only be sold for 650g, but to purchase a replacement will cost players a massive 50,000g.

5 Galaxy Hammer

70-90 Damage, +5 Weight

Galaxy Hammer

The Galaxy Hammer is a great heavy weapon choice for players who like weapons with good knockback. Most players don’t hold onto it for too long as it’s a key component in the creation of the Infinity Gavel – which deals the most damage in the game.

However, the Galaxy Hammer is powerful in its own right and can deal up to 90 damage with a normal hit. It also has a +5 weight which means it will knock enemies back further upon impact. It also gives a +2 speed, which means it’s one of the few “heavy” weapons that won’t slow players down when striking.

4 Dragontooth Cutlass

75-90 Damage, +50 Crit Power

Dragontooth Cutlass

If players can manage to get their hands on a Dragontooth Cutlass, they’ll find themselves to be a formidable foe to any monster in the game. Not only does this weapon have fantastic base damage, dealing between 75 and 90, but it also has a +50 crit power – which means a critical hit can deal upwards of 300 damage.

This level 13 cutlass doesn’t have any other extra perks, but a critical hit could easily one-shot most of the enemies in the game. The biggest drawback is that the Dragontooth Cutlass can only be found in chests inside the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Isle – and there’s a 1 in 27 chance it will drop from a rare chest.

3 Dragontooth Club

80-100 Damage, +50 Crit Power

Dragon Tooth Club

Clubs are some of the most powerful weapons in Stardew Valley, although their heavy weight and low speed can sometimes deter players. The Dragon Tooth Club, for example, can cause a whopping 80-100 damage to nearby monsters, making it a great weapon choice for exploring the Volcano Dungeon.


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This club has +3 weight, which, combined with its enormous +50 crit power makes it lethal. However, due to its strength, the Dragon Tooth Club can be hard to find. Within the Volcano Dungeon, players must find a rare chest. They will then have a 1/27* chance of finding this club inside.

2 Infinity Blade

80-100 Damage, +4 Speed, +2 Defense

Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade is the next step up from the Galaxy Sword. It must be crafted in the Volcano Dungeon Forge using the Galaxy Sword, which can be obtained in the Calico Desert using a prismatic shard. Additionally, players will need three Galaxy Souls, and sixty Cinder Shards, both of which can be found on Ginger Island.

This sword can deal 80-100 damage with the addition of +4 speed and +2 defense. Because of these high stats, the Infinity Blade is often considered the most powerful sword one can own in Stardew Valley.

1 Infinity Gavel

100-120 Damage, +2 Speed

Infinity Blade

Like the other infinity weapons, the Infinity Gavel must be forged using the Galaxy Hammer, Galaxy Souls, and Cinder Shards. As such, it is a very powerful weapon to obtain, with the highest base damage in the game at 100-120.

On top of its damage, Infinity Gavel users benefit from +2 speed, +1 defense, and +5 weight. It’s also one of the most valuable weapons in the game with a sale price of 850g. However, players should think carefully before they sell this weapon at the Adventurers Guild as players cannot buy it back.

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