Characters Who Should Appear In The Zelda Live Action Movie


  • Tingle’s quirky personality and small stature make him a perfect character for a live-action adaptation, even if only as a small nod to longtime fans.
  • Groose’s comedic yet layered character could help explore the relationship between Link and Zelda, and add humor to the movie’s tone.
  • Including key characters like Purah, Fi, the Happy Mask Salesman, Ghirahim, and Epona would bring depth, charm, and nostalgia to the live-action adaptation of The Legend of Zelda.

Ever since it was confirmed that a live-action Legend of Zelda movie is in the works, many fans have been discussing which of the games the story could base itself on, since they’re all very different in tone and aesthetic. However, while each game in this beloved series has its unique storyline, they also all have very distinct casts of characters, some of which have become fan favorites for their charismatic personalities and relevance to the wider world of The Legend of Zelda.


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It can be safely assumed that the trifecta of Link, Zelda, and Ganon will be making an appearance in the movie, but when it comes to side characters, it’s not quite as easy to predict who will end up making the cut. With that being said, there are a few specific individuals who would perfectly slot into a live-action adaptation of this classic long-running Nintendo series.

1 Tingle

Tingle’s Silly And Immature Antics Would Make Him A Great Gag Character

Zelda Tingle

Tingle has been a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series for quite a few years now, to the point where he’s arguably become one of the most recognizable faces of the franchise, despite often being little more than a gag. Still, while he can sometimes become a little irritating in some of the games, there’s no mistaking that he’s a character packed full of creative potential thanks to his small stature and quirky personality.

He could easily be incorporated into the wider plot of the movie, just like he was in Wind Waker, but he could also be used as a small reference to bring a smile to longtime fans who have seen him pop up multiple times throughout the series. Even if he can just be seen floating around on his signature red balloon in the background of a few scenes, he’s still the perfect character to bring in, even if it’s just for a bit of fanservice.

2 Groose

Groose mocking Link

While Groose initially starts as somewhat of a rival to Link, the two eventually grow to respect one another after exploring the surface together. What makes Groose stand out is just how comedic, yet layered, he is as a character, often using cheesy one-liners and fake bravado to hide his insecurities and to try and impress Princess Zelda, whom he’s fallen madly in love with.


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Inserting Groose into the story immediately opens up avenues to explore the relationship between Link and Zelda, depending on how Link reacts to Groose’s envy of the two. If Nintendo decided to take the more serious and darker route with the movie’s tone, Groose could also be a great way to add some humor and comedic moments to the plot so that it never becomes too heavy for younger audiences.

3 Purah

Purah’s Endless Charisma Would Shine In A Live-Action Adaptation

Purah wearing a pair of high-tech goggles

Purah is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters introduced in Breath of the Wild, with the young and quirky scientist acting as one of Link’s trusty companions for much of the story, who also helps him out with the Skyview Towers in Tears of the Kingdom. While Link always acquires new tools and gadgets throughout the games, these can sometimes appear out of nowhere, which could end up breaking the immersion of a live-action movie. But if Purah were there to craft Link’s tools for him, this would make much more sense in the grander scheme of things.

Her anti-aging rune could also be a lot of fun to play around with in the movie, and it would be great to see the device have a more prominent role in the story, as it was hardly ever brought up in the games. Of course, it wouldn’t be Purah without her signature “Check It” catchphrase also making an appearance.

4 Fi

Fi’s Important Role In The Wider Story Makes Her An Essential Character To Include

Link talking to Fi

Fi is an incredibly important character within the wider story of Zelda, being a humanoid spirit who resides within what would eventually become known as the Master Sword. This all happens throughout the story of Skyward Sword, but she is also referenced multiple times in Breath of the Wild, and even directly mentioned in Tears of the Kingdom anytime that the Master Sword is picked up or talked about.

Link always has a trusty companion to help him along his journeys in the games, and while some have been received less favorably than others, Fi has often been regarded as one of the more interesting allies out of the bunch. Admittedly, depicting a humanoid spirit within a live-action movie can sound a little difficult in practicality, but she could still end up looking amazing with a few glossy practical effects to emphasize her bright colors.

5 Happy Mask Salesman

A Zelda Movie Offers The Perfect Opportunity To Learn More About This Mysterious Salesman

Link talking to the Happy Mask Salesman

The creepy and unnerving Happy Mask Salesman first appeared in Ocarina of Time where he offers his vast collection of strange masks to Link for a certain amount of Rupees. However, while he can often be seen sporting a very suspicious smile, if Link turns up to his shop and is a little short on change, the salesman will immediately become enraged and start hurling verbal abuse at the plucky adventurer.


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It didn’t take long after Majora’s Mask‘s release for fan theories to pop up centering around the backstory of the salesman, and why exactly he seemingly has such an evil persona that he’s constantly hiding from his customers. He became so popular within the fanbase that he even appeared in Oracle of Ages, along with the Super Smash Bros games, so it only makes sense for him to show up in the movie to potentially learn a little more about him.

6 Ghirahim

Ghirahim Easily Steals Every Scene He’s In Thanks To His Wild And Chaotic Nature


It’s pretty much a given that Ganon is going to play the big bad of the movie, just as he does in virtually every single one of the games, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to also throw an extra villain into the mix to keep things interesting, and Ghirahim would have to be a top candidate to fill this position. Ghirahim’s snarky and endlessly charismatic personality makes him a joy to watch, and there’s no doubt that any actor lucky enough to play him would have an absolute blast portraying his flamboyant personality.

He’s also known for having some of the most memorable scenes in the entire series. Whether it’s him sticking his tongue out at the camera, or leaping from his throne to confront Link face to face, there are so many moments that could be replicated in the movie to call back to this beloved entry in the series.

7 Epona

Link riding atop Epona

While Link can hop on multiple different horses in some of the games, the one that canonically is known as his very own is Epona, a beautiful brown stallion with long white hair that flows over its body. A lot of Epona’s depictions have been within a more cartoonish art style, such as in Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time, but it’s in Twilight Princess where fans can get the clearest view of what she would look like in live action because of the more realistic visuals.

The inclusion of Epona would be a heartfelt love letter to fans who have stuck with the series ever since its early days, while also being very recognizable to newer fans who made the effort to acquire her in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. There’s little to no doubt that Nintendo is going to want a memorable scene galloping through Hyrule just like he did in Ocarina of Time, but this sort of scene wouldn’t be complete without Epona being the one to carry Link toward his destination.


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