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Looking to stock up on a few full anime series for the holiday season for yourself or gifts? These complete Blu-ray anime series are on sale now!

Maybe you didn’t exactly get all the Blu-ray anime sets you wanted in your stocking this past Christmas, but fear not! There are plenty of anime complete series on Blu-ray on sale right now so you can pick up anything you’re missing for a steal. Now is the ideal moment to build your anime collection with these complete series on Blu-ray.

From Death Note and Cowboy Bepob to Paranoia Agent and One Punch Man, there’s no need to rely on streaming or online searches. Your favorite series are at your fingertips, making it the perfect time to add to your collection or share the joy by gifting to a friend. Take a look.


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  • Death Note on Blu-ray

    Death Note

    $28 $55 Save $27

    Death Note (2006-2007) follows a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that grants him the power to kill anyone by writing their name while envisioning their face. As he takes on the role of a self-proclaimed deliverer of justice, a cat-and-mouse game with a detective ensues. The anime features 37 episodes and is directed by Tetsuro Araki.

  • One Punch Man Blu-ray cover

    One Punch Man

    $22 $50 Save $28

    One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime series. It first aired in 2015 and follows the hero Saitama, who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. This leads him to become bored so he goes on a quest to find a worthy adversary after joining the Hero Association. The series is known for its humor, ridiculous battle scenes, and satire of the superhero genre. 

  • cowboy bebop

    Cowboy Bebop

    $23 $60 Save $37

    This iconic anime series is now available on Blu-ray and follows the adventures of the laid-back bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel, and his diverse crew as they navigate a futuristic, jazz-infused world. Fueled by stunning visuals and a captivating soundtrack, Cowboy Bebop blends action, mystery, and noir elements, offering a fun space-western anime. 

  • And You Thought There is Never A Girl Online On Blu-ray

    And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online

    $15 $30 Save $15

    A unique but realistic premise, And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online is centered around a group of male friends in an online game guild who come to learn that one of their fellow players is actually a girl in real life. The series humorously explores the blurred lines between gaming personas and real-life identities, shedding light on friendship, romance, and the quirks of internet culture.

  • Drifters on Blu-ray


    $35 $50 Save $15

    Drifters is another 2016 anime series that focuses on historical warriors from different eras who are thrown into a fantastical world where they must battle against dark forces. Led by enigmatic figures, these ‘Drifters’ clash in epic battles that blend historical figures, magic, and strategy in a good vs evil landscape.

  • Paranoia Agent on Blu-ray

    Paranoia Agent

    $34 $50 Save $16

    Paranoia Agent is an anime series from 2004 that is centered on a mysterious assailant known as Lil’ Slugger, who targets individuals on the edge of emotional and mental breakdown and assaults them with a golden baseball bat. As authorities try to unravel the seemingly unrelated attacks, the line between reality and delusion blurs. The show confronts themes surrounding societal pressure, trauma, and the darker parts of the human psyche.

  • In Another World With My Smartphone Blu-Ray Cover

    In Another World With My Smartphone

    $20 $30 Save $10

    Touya Mochizuki dies unexpectedly and is resurrected in a fantasy world by a deity. Equipped with his smartphone and a range of magical abilities, he sets out on a new life filled with adventures, forming bonds with various characters and sharing his own more modern knowledge in the magical realm. The series blends isekai and fantasy elements with humor and lightheartedness, making for a fun watch.

  • The Devil is a Part Timer Blu-ray cover

    The Devil is a Part Timer!

    $30 $45 Save $15

    An enduringly popular series, The Devil Is A Part Timer is a wild story that involves Satan as he is banished to modern-day Tokyo and must adapt to life as a fast-food worker to survive. A ridiculous concept, the series balances comedy, fantasy, and slice of life, while unexpected friendships emerge between the characters.

  • Absolute Duo Blu-ray cover

    Absolute Duo

    $20 $30 Save $10

    Another school-set anime, Absolute Duo focuses on Tor Kokonoe, who is at Kouryou Academy, a school where students use weapons formed from their souls. Partnered with Julie Sigtuna, Tor embarks on a journey to search for the truth behind their unique powers while facing battles and personal growth. 

  • Yuri!!! On Ice Blu-ray

    Yuri!!! On Ice: The Complete Series

    $45 $65 Save $20

    A popular sports anime series that premiered in 2016, Yuri!!! On Ice centers around Yuri Katsuki, a figure skater who struggles with self-doubt. After meeting the legendary Russian skater Victor Nikiforov, their journey unfolds as they aim for victory in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating. Exciting skating sequences, deep character development, and romance make this series a standout in the sports anime genre.

  • Dragonar Academy

    Dragonar Academy

    $18 $30 Save $12

    Ash Blake is a student at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, where students train with dragons. But he has a big problem: his dragon partner is a beautiful girl named Eco. As they navigate friendship, rivalry, and the complexities of their relationship, the series combines fantasy, romance, and adventure, all set within a school.

  • Jormungand and Jormungand 2

    Jormungand + Jormungand: Perfect Order – The Complete Series

    $25 $35 Save $10

    Jormungand and the sequel, Jormungand: Perfect Order, are anime series that surround the character of Koko Hekmatyar, an arms dealer who travels the globe with her team of mercenaries. The series delves into the dark world of arms trafficking and the morally complex choices of its characters as they navigate international conflicts.

  • Fate Stay/Night on Blu-ray

    Fate/stay night

    $41 $80 Save $39

    24 Episodes. 3 Discs. 600 Minutes. That’s what you’ll get with this massive Fate / Stay Night complete set. Shirou and Saber’s adventure plays out here on Blu-ray in what is effectively a battle for survival that will have anime fans gripped to their seats.

  • black lagoon

    Black Lagoon

    $39 $70 Save $31

    Across 4 discs and 29 episodes, this complete series set will take the viewer on a wild ride from the same trusted studio as One Punch Man and Death Note. Black Lagoon follows salaryman Rokuro whose mundane life is changed when one of his tasks goes horribly wrong and he’s kidnapped by a femme fatale and her gang of mercenaries. Rokuro reinvents himself as “Rock” and his whole life changes when he joins the other side. 

  • Soul Eater The Complete Series Blu-ray Cover

    Soul Eater

    $28 $50 Save $22

    In the eerie world of Soul Eater, students at Death Weapon Meister Academy transform into weapons and meisters to hunt down evil souls. Their goal is to create a death scythe powerful enough to protect humanity from the witch, Medusa. With both humor and a good amount of action, this anime dives deep into the souls of its characters.

  • The complete series of Outlaw Star on Blu-ray

    Outlaw Star

    $35 $50 Save $15

    Outlaw Star features Gene Starwind and his eclectic crew as they navigate the galaxy in search of treasure and face interstellar challenges. Grab the complete series here on Blu-ray and you’ll enjoy the classic series in the best quality, full of vivid animation and futuristic landscapes.

  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Blu-ray collection

    nadia: the secret of blue water

    $35 $50 Save $15

    Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water centers around a thrilling journey with Jean, a young inventor, and Nadia, a mysterious girl with a pendant containing the key to a powerful invention. As they navigate perilous adventures together, they encounter the enigmatic Captain Nemo and confront a secret society’s malevolent schemes. Set against a backdrop of 19th-century steampunk, this anime is a tale of discovery, romance, and intrigue.

  • Saga of Tanya the Evil on Blu-ray

    Saga of Tanya the Evil

    $16 $30 Save $14

    The Saga of Tanya The Evil follows the twisted tale of Tanya Degurechaff, a salaryman reincarnated into a magical world as a young girl with magical abilities. Determined to climb the ranks and defy a mysterious being she calls “Being X,” Tanya becomes a ruthless military officer, navigating a world consumed by war, strategy, and the consequences of her relentless pursuit of power.

  • Space Dandy on Blu-ray

    Space Dandy

    $28 $50 Save $22

    Space Dandy chronicles the intergalactic adventures of Dandy, an alien hunter whose mission is to discover new and unregistered alien species. Accompanied by the robot QT and the alien cat Meow, Dandy explores the vast and diverse cosmos, encountering bizarre creatures and engaging in misadventures along the way.

  • Prison School Blu-ray cover

    Prison School

    $20 $30 Save $10

    Prison School is an off-beat anime that puts five male students into the oppressive confines of Hachimitsu Academy’s newly established female-dominated prison. Accused of peeping, the boys navigate the strict rules enforced by the Underground Student Council, led by the formidable Mari Kurihara. The anime weaves hilarious escapades, absurd punishments, and unexpected alliances as the boys strive to break free from their unusual predicament.


Inarguably, Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime series, at the moment, and for good reason. It features a compelling story with complex world-building, a strong adaptation of the original manga, and a catchy and memorable soundtrack.

Where’s the best place to buy anime series and movies?

Amazon is a great place to find deals on full series or individual movies, as they often have sales or discounts, especially around the holidays or their Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales.

Collect All Your Favorite Anime Series

These represent some of the most substantial discounts on best-selling anime series, currently marked down for the new year. This list is regularly updated for the latest information on complete Blu-ray anime series deals. Prices may fluctuate weekly, and some deals sell out rapidly.

While certain titles may require a Prime membership from Amazon, you can easily secure a free 30-day trial, with the flexibility to cancel at any time. If you’re a Studio Ghibli enthusiast, explore our roundup below for significant discounts on Blu-rays and collectible SteelBook sets.

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