DC Characters That Should Be Part Of LEGO’s Helmet Line


  • LEGO’s line of replica helmets lacks sufficient representation of DC characters, with only two Batman sets available.
  • Blue Beetle’s metallic helmet would make for a perfect LEGO set, offering a unique and cool design.
  • The Flash’s iconic mask, with its red and gold color scheme, would be a standout addition to any LEGO collection.

LEGO’s line of replica helmets are a fan favorite, featuring the iconic headgear of many popular characters from Star Wars and Marvel. However, some have noted that the DC offerings are a little on the light side. Only two DC sets exist in the line, and they’re both different versions of Batman.


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While many of DC’s most famous characters are either maskless or wear masks too small for a LEGO set, Batman is still far from the only hero with an iconic mask. There are plenty of heroes and villains with fashionable headwear that DC fans would love to recreate in LEGO form.

10 Blue Beetle

A Helmet Perfectly Suited For LEGO

Blue Beetle crouched in front of a city skyline

With his excellent run in the comics and his movie meeting a positive fan-reception, Blue Beetle is long overdue for some mainstream merchandise. A LEGO helmet would be an excellent way for his fans to celebrate the character. Though there are three Blue Beetles with excellent masks to choose from, Jaime Reyes’ helmet suits LEGO the best.

The metallic nature of the helmet, coupled with it covering Jaime’s whole face, make it perfect for a non-organic LEGO look. The metallic colors and alien details of the helmet would allow LEGO to go all out in making it look as cool and as accurate as possible.

9 The Flash

An Iconic DC Character With A Great Mask

The Flash smirking with a crowd of people behind him

Though the Flash doesn’t have quite the same mainstream appeal as Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, he’s still a founding member of the Justice League. As such, he’s one of DC’s most iconic characters, and his signature mask is a huge part of his iconography.


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And as far as masks go, the Flash’s is absolutely fantastic. Its red and gold color scheme catches the eye and is sure to help it stand out in any collection. Details like the lightning wings and chinstrap are sure to challenge and entertain builders.

8 Red Hood

This Beloved Bat Family Member Has An Awesome Helmet

Red Hood preparing a strike

With Batman having two helmet sets, it’s only fair that a Robin get in on the fun. Though many Robins wear domino masks that aren’t well-suited to LEGO’s helmet line, there is one who wears a full-on helmet. That would be Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood.

With a metallic helmet covering his whole head, Red Hood’s mask would fit right in with other LEGO helmets. It may only have one major color, but it’s detailed structure will ensure it’s a ton of fun to build with. This helmet would be a set any die-hard Bat Family fan would love to get their hands on.

7 Deadshot

An Awesome Mask With A Cool Feature

Deadshot lurking on a rooftop from DC Comics

Though the Suicide Squad is known for having a constantly rotating roster, one of its most constant members is the deadly assassin known as Deadshot. With the Suicide Squad getting more and more mainstream appeal, it would be fitting for one of it’s most popular members to get a LEGO helmet set.

Deadshot’s mask has appeared as both all white or silver, either of which would make for an eye-catching design. But what makes it really stand out is the large red eyepiece. That feature would help the mask stand out and also be a lot of fun to build around.

6 Peacemaker

A Unique Helmet Just Begging To Be Built

Peacemaker Yellow Background

Peacemaker has gone from being one of comics’ most obscure characters to being nearly a household name. With his own show, an increased role in the comics, and a guest slot in Mortal Kombat 1, Peacemaker has been getting more and more mainstream appeal. It would be fitting that he be part of LEGO’s helmet line.

Peacemaker’s helmet is the most distinctive part of his costume, which would make a themed LEGO set appropriate. It’s unusual shape and various decals are sure to make it stand apart from the usual helmet fare. If LEGO uses shiny silver bricks, this set is sure to be an attention-grabbing addition to any shelf.

5 Batgirl

An Iconic Hero With Tons Of Possibilities

Batgirl smirking at the camera

While Batgirl’s mask does have a similar look to Batman’s, it still differs enough in shape and color to make it worth turning into a set. Batgirl’s relation to Batman is sure to get attention from mainstream audiences, and her innate popularity will help this set fly off the shelves.


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Batgirl’s costume has had many evolutions over the years, meaning there are plenty of potential colors and designs that could be used in the set. There have also been many Batgirls, each with their own distinct costume, adding even further possibilities. No matter which or how many Batgirl helmets LEGO makes, Bat fans are sure to be pleased.

4 Black Manta

DC’s Most Distinctive Helmet Deserves A LEGO Set

black manta standing menacingly with glowing red eyes from the Aquaman movie

When it comes to DC characters with unique and distinctive helmets, few names come to mind quicker than Black Manta. His helmet provides him with his signature ability, as well as his unmistakable silhouette. Such an iconic piece of headgear is more than deserving of a LEGO set.

With its huge red eyes, wide shape, and oxygen tubes, a Black Manta helmet set could make for one of LEGO’s most fun builds yet. Not only would it be fun to build with, but the end result is sure to look fantastic as well.

3 Hawkgirl

This Helmet’s Distinct Shape Makes It A Perfect Collectible

Hawkgirl DC hero

Hawkgirl has been a popular character in DC comics, having appeared in multiple shows, games, and is set to appear in Superman: Legacy. Her popularity makes her a perfect candidate for more mainstream merchandise, and with her awesome looking helmet, LEGO’s helmet line would be a perfect fit.


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Hawkgirl’s helmet has a unique shape that would make for plenty of fun while putting it together. It’s curves, points, and streaks of black would not only challenge builders, but reward them with a sleek and sharp-looking collectible to display on their shelf.

2 Doctor Fate

This Incredible Helmet Is Full Of History

Doctor Fate about to cast a spell

Doctor Fate is an incredibly cool-looking character, and his eye-catching helmet plays a big part in that. This epic headgear isn’t just a eye-catching accessory, but it’s one of the most important magical artifacts in the entire DC Universe. This would make a LEGO set a perfect collectible for any DC fan.

The helmet’s sleek, shiny gold coloring immediately arrests the viewer’s attention and demands it to be front-and-center on any shelf. The opportunity to build such a stylish collectible is sure to appeal even to non-DC fans. Building Doctor Fate’s iconic helmet would be the ultimate bragging right.

1 Catwoman

A Sleek Design With Goggles Is Guaranteed To Be A Fun Build

Catwoman In DC Comics

If there’s one mask in the DC Universe that has as distinctive a silhouette as Batman’s, it surely belongs to Catwoman. Catwoman is one of the most iconic characters in all of Batman’s supporting cast, if not the entire DC Universe. Her signature cat-shaped cowl would make for an excellent LEGO set.

The sleek shape and pointed ears of Catwoman’s mask would make the set as enjoyable to build as it would be to look at. What would really elevate the set are the goggles that accompany many modern versions of the character. The different colors and new materials are sure to spice up the building process.


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