Hottest Worlds In The Sims 4


  • Forgotten Hollow from The Sims 4: Vampires gets occasional heatwaves in the summer. Luckily, vampires are protected from the sun by cloud cover.
  • Chestnut Ridge from the Horse Ranch expansion has mild weather for all four seasons and doesn’t experience many heatwaves. It can even get snowfall in the winter.
  • Oasis Springs from the base game is known for its heat, sunshine, and drought. It never experiences a typical winter season and even its winters are warm, with temperatures never falling below “cool.”

In The Sims 4, Sims can live enriching lives with a multitude of different storylines. With The Sims 4: Seasons installed, players can fully immerse their Sims in the 20+ fictional worlds of the game with weather patterns, temperatures, and seasons. Several of these worlds sizzle with diverse climates and unrelenting warmth.


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From desert havens like StrangerVille to the jungle mysteries of Selvadorada, each world brings a distinct flavor of scorching temperatures and perpetual sunshine. These locales all boast consistently hot temperatures and unique weather phenomena, intended only for those who can handle the heat. Pack some sunscreen, sunglasses, and a swimsuit to enjoy the warmth of these hot worlds from The Sims 4.

10 Forgotten Hollow (Vampires)

Where Scorching Summers Meet Cool Vampire Haunts

A photo of Forgotten Hollow, the surprisingly hot world from the Vampires game pack, in the summer sun.

  • Hot weather and occasional heatwaves in the summer
  • Cloud cover shrouds vampires from harmful sun rays
  • The world never experiences blizzards, even in winter

To many players’ shock and disbelief, Forgotten Hollow from The Sims 4: Vampires game pack just barely makes the list of the hottest worlds in the game. One might think a world full of vampire Sims would be cold and dark, but Forgotten Hollow is actually on the warmer side compared to other mild worlds.

Fortunately for these occult Sims, sunny weather is uncommon. Clouds typically shield vampires from burning alive in the sun. Forgotten Hollow might not be a place for the ideal summer vacation. However, temperatures can be quite high in summer.

9 Chestnut Ridge (Horse Ranch)

The West Embraces Gentle Seasons

A photo of Chestnut Ridge, the hot world from the Horse Ranch expansion, showcasing the Western desert world in the summer season.

  • Experiences mild weather appropriate for all four seasons
  • Can get snowfall in winter
  • Summer and winter seasons are mild compared to other worlds

Chestnut Ridge is a world from the Horse Ranch expansion, inspired by the arid southwestern states in the US. Contrary to what players might think, this world is not as hot and dry as it looks. The seasons are quite mild in Chestnut Ridge, perfect for outdoor activities like horse riding and tending to a ranch.

Unlike other warmer places in The Sims 4, this world doesn’t experience many heatwaves – even in the summer. Residents of Chestnut Ridge may even wake up to find snow and freezing temperatures in the winter.

8 StrangerVille (StrangerVille)

Unpredictable Weather Heats An Enigmatic World

The hot desert town of StrangerVille in the summer season, showcasing the mountains

  • Hot weather and sunny skies are the most common
  • The temperature never falls below cold, so snow will never accumulate
  • Prone to “Strange Weather” patterns

Sims living in StrangerVille can expect sunny skies and high temperatures most days throughout the year. Ranging from cold in the winter to dangerously hot in the heat of summer, this world from the StrangerVille game pack ranks among the hottest worlds in The Sims 4.


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The mysterious town of StrangerVille is prone to a new weather pattern called Strange Weather. This will override the current weather and temperature for the season. Before the StrangerVille story has been completed, Sims may find cloudy spores floating in the dark red sky. If they can get past the strange weather and don’t mind the heat, StrangerVille could be a great place to have fun in the sun.

7 Tartosa (My Wedding Stories)

Where Love Meets The Warm Coastal Beachside Breeze

Tartosa is a hot world in The Sims 4 from the My Wedding Stories game pack.

  • Mostly clear or cloudy skies year-round, with occasional rain and thunderstorms
  • Temperatures range from cool to warm for all four seasons
  • Windy in fall and winter, but never snowy

Who would’ve thought that the game pack with the most bugs and glitches would provide players with one of the prettiest, warmest worlds in The Sims 4? Tartosa, the world from My Wedding Stories, maintains an average temperature between cool and warm for all four seasons, making it the perfect weather for beach excursions and wedding planning.

The weather is mild most days, with sunny or partly cloudy skies common year-round. Winter and fall are characterized by some windy weather, but the warm temperatures will prevent Tartosa from ever seeing snow. The occasional rain shower or thunderstorm could put a damper on wedding events, but this weather is said to signify good luck and an everlasting connection.

6 Del Sol Valley (Get Famous)

Stardom Shines Bright Under Sunny Skies

Del Sol Valley, the world from the Get Famous expansion, is one of the hottest worlds in The Sims 4

  • Mostly sunny weather all year round, but it can get the occasional cool shower
  • Hot and warm temperatures are common for all seasons
  • Temperatures never freeze and it never snows

Del Sol Valley from the Get Famous expansion pack is no stranger to heat. Translated from Spanish, Del Sol Valley means “Valley of the Sun.” Inspired by its name and popular cities like Los Angeles and Hollywood, most days are hot and sunny throughout the year. This world is perfect for those seeking a place where summer never truly ends. Who needs a spotlight when the sun is always shining?

Sometimes the cooler weather can rain on the Del Sol Valley parade, moving all outdoor activities indoors. These temperatures never dip below cold, even in winter, so Sims should prioritize their fashionable summer outfits over cozy winter apparel.

5 Oasis Springs (Base Game)

Deserts, Drought, And Eternal Sunshine

Oasis Springs is a base game desert world from The Sims 4 that gets very hot in the summer season

  • Characterized by heat, sunshine, and drought
  • All seasons are hot for the most part
  • Even winters are warm and temperatures never fall lower than “cool”

While other hot worlds in The Sims 4 may experience rain and snowfall, Oasis Springs from the base game is known for its drought and constant sunshine. Sims in this world should be prepared for hot temperatures in all seasons. Summers can get especially hot with heatwaves that could kill Sims should they stay outdoors for too long.


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This desert world, unsurprisingly, doesn’t experience a typical winter season, because the temperatures never fall below the cool range. Some areas in Oasis Springs may see some snow, but only on rare occasions and never enough to cover the ground. With its sun-soaked vistas and rare glimpses of cool weather, Oasis Springs embodies an eternal summer oasis in the game’s universe.

4 San Sequoia (Growing Together)

Endless Sunshine Nurtures Families In Warmth For Generations

A photo of the sunset San Sequoia bridge. This world from Growing Together is one of the hottest in the game.

  • Temperatures are usually warm or hot with heatwaves common in the summer
  • Never gets snow, even in the winter
  • Cycles through cloudy, sunny, and rainy weather patterns

San Sequoia, the fourth-hottest world in The Sims 4, blossoms from the Growing Together expansion pack. This world thrives in perpetual warmth and sunshine, where snow is a distant dream even in the supposed chill of winter. Embraced by a warm climate and frequent summer heatwaves, the thermometer rarely dips below cool all year long.

Players should keep an eye on the calendar for planning outdoor events. The continuous warm weather is perfect for trips to the splash pads, the park, or Gilbert Gardens for a hike or powerwalk.

3 Batuu (Journey To Batuu)

Where Adventure Encounters Eternal Sun In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

A photo of the sunrise in the hot world of Batuu in The Sims 4

  • Perpetual warm temperatures year-round
  • The weather is always sunny or partly cloudy
  • Never experiences rain or snow of any kind

Naturally, a desert world with three suns ranks highly among the hottest worlds in The Sims 4. Batuu is the Star Wars-themed world from the Journey to Batuu game pack. This pack has limited integration with other Sims DLC, especially The Sims 4: Seasons.

This world is in a constant state of heat and sunshine. Temperatures are always warm or hot, despite the active season. Sims who visit Batuu will never need to carry an umbrella or worry about snow. The weather will always be either sunny or partly cloudy.

2 Selvadorada (Jungle Adventure)

Unrelenting Heat In The Heart Of The Jungle

Selvadorada, from the Jungle Adventure game pack, is one of the hottest worlds in The Sims 4

  • No distinct seasons or seasonal weather
  • The temperature ranges from cool to dangerously hot year-round
  • Experiences occasional rainfall, but summer is dominated by heatwaves

Selvadorada claims the title of the second-hottest world in the game, unfurling its scorching climate within the Jungle Adventure game pack. Unlike many other worlds, seasons hold no sway over this tropical sanctuary. Warm to hot temperatures and rainstorms are common in fall, winter, and spring. The summer season, however, is quite unforgiving.


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Summer brings about relentless heatwaves and little to no room for a refreshing rain shower. While later patch updates alleviate the temperatures in fall and winter, preserving Sims from perishing in the jungle’s fiery embrace, Selvadorada remains a steamy paradise of relentless warmth.

1 Sulani (Island Living)

Everlasting Summer Meets Elemental Fury

The sunny sky in Sulani, the hottest world in The Sims 4

  • High temperatures in all four seasons
  • The temperature never falls below cool, even in winter
  • Experiences monsoons, a new weather type common in late summer and fall seasons

The number one hottest world in The Sims 4 goes to Sulani, the utopian world from the Island Living expansion pack that delivers a summer that spans all four seasons. Even in winter, Sulani boasts consistently high temperatures, but can sometimes drop to cool. This world isn’t without its climatic extremes, featuring an active volcano that adds to its allure.

The islands of Sulani are also prone to monsoons, which are intense thunderstorms that surpass the ferocity of typical storms in other worlds. Sulani is the perfect place for a hot summer vacation, getting a suntan on the beach, and going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. Remember to pack sunscreen to prevent sunburn or death from overheating!

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