How to Get the Incandescent Staff

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a variety of different weapons available to discover, loot, or purchase. With so many options available in the game, there are many choices to consider for each weapon type, such as finesse, two-handed, and ranged. For each of these various weapon types, there are several standout contenders that will make a huge addition to any Class build. Among these weapons is the Incandescent Staff, a two-handed melee weapon available in Act 2 that can provide huge benefits to the wielder through the addition of both Fire-damaging Spells and Resistance to Fire damage.

As this weapon offers such valuable perks, it can work very nicely into multiple different build approaches or Multiclass combinations. If you are seeking out this item to add to your character’s setup upon entering Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will first need to know where you can obtain it for your character build in the game. Here is how players can obtain the Incandescent Staff in its entirety below, as well as some builds that it can be used most efficiently in, enabling you to gain the most value from this Very Rare item.


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Where to Get the Incandescent Staff in Baldur’s Gate 3

Talking to Talli in BG3
Quartermaster Talli in BG3.

To get the Incandescent Staff in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will first need to progress to Act 2 of the game. This means that you should first prioritize wrapping up any loose ends in Act 1, including any side quests or locations that you had planned to complete. This is always a good idea, as you will gain much more EXP than if you were to skip these objectives, allowing you to level up much faster and have an easier time dealing with the many combats you’ll be facing once you enter Act 2. A few side quests you may want to complete and locations that are worth visiting include the Githyanki Creche, Shattered Sanctum, the Underdark, Auntie Ethel, the Myconid Colony, and Grymforge, among others.

Once you’ve successfully progressed to Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 and arrived in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, you will need to navigate your way to Last Light Inn, where the Incandescent Staff can be sourced. There are multiple ways to discover Last Light Inn, so if you’re having trouble stumbling across this location, then the methods below may assist you.

The first way, and often the quickest way to get to Last Light Inn is by acquiring the Spider’s Lyre and using it to summon Kar’niss to guide you through the Shadow-Cursed Lands with the safety of his Moon Lantern. The Spider’s Lyre can be acquired in one of two different ways. The first way to acquire the Spider’s Lyre in Baldur’s Gate 3 is by murdering Minthara either at the Goblin Camp at Shattered Sanctum or by luring her to the Grove and killing her off there. Upon her death, the Spider’s Lyre will be lootable from her corpse. Alternatively, if you’re playing an evil run, you can side with Minthara and slaughter the Tieflings, romance her, and receive the Spider’s Lyre as a gift upon earning her trust.

Baldur's Gate 3 Minthara Talking

The second way to obtain the Spider’s Lyre is by visiting Grymforge via the boat in the Underdark and sourcing the Spider’s Lyre from True Soul Nere. This can be gained by either killing Nere and looting the item from his body or by siding with Nere and enabling him to finish off the Deep Gnomes, which will result in him gifting you the item.


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Once you have obtained the Spider’s Lyre through either of these methods, head into the Shadow-Cursed Lands of Act 2, and wander down the path until you reach Kansif’s party on your left. By speaking to Kansif, you will have the option to pluck a tune and summon Kar’niss. From there, Kar’niss will begin to lead both Kansif and yourself plus your allies through the Shadow-Cursed Lands, in the direction of Moonrise Towers. Along the way, the traveling party will be ambushed by a group of Jaheira’s Harpers. At this point, you can choose to turn on Kar’niss and Kansif and side with the Harpers or to maintain your cover and kill the Harpers off. If you pick the prior option and defeat Kar’niss in battle, the Harper will grab his Moon Lantern and offer to guide you to Last Light Inn.

harper offering way to Last Light Inn
One of Jaheira’s Harpers offering to show the way to Last Light Inn in BG3.

Alternatively, if you side with Kar’niss, you will eventually arrive at Moonrise Towers. First, you will need to gain a Moon Lantern to journey safely through the Shadow-Cursed Lands, with the nearest available being held in Balthazar’s office. You can gain this Moon Lantern by either lockpicking his door and sneaking in to steal it or by speaking to Z’rell and gaining the quest of visiting Balthazar at the Temple of Shar.

Once you have the Moon Lantern, travel back to the place in which the Harpers ambushed your party with Kar’niss, and follow the path to the right. Continue along this road, and you will eventually stumble across a bridge leading into a glowing white barrier. This is Last light Inn, so go ahead and step inside. In the case that you are struggling to find the exact location of Last Light Inn, you can also refer to the map screenshot below, and follow the trail.

last light inn path map screenshot
Last Light Inn path on BG3 map.

Once you arrive at Last Light Inn and convince Jaheira that you are an ally, you will be free to roam around. Just to the left of the bridge entrance to Last Light Inn is Quartermaster Talli, the Merchant from which the Incandescent Staff can be purchased. To purchase the Incandescent Staff, speak to Talli, and ask to see her wares. The staff will then be available to purchase for 770 Gold.

Talli location BG3
Quartermaster Talli location in BG3.

In the case that you missed your chance to speak to Talli and purchase the Incandescent Staff at Last Light Inn by completing the Temple of Shar and progressing through the point of no return, then you’re still in luck. You will have another chance to purchase this item from Talli if you free the Nightsong, as Jaheira and her Harpers will head right over to the Moonrise Towers courtyards in anticipation of the battle to come. Here you will find Talli roaming around and looting corpses, so once again you can speak to her to view her wares and purchase the Incandescent Staff.


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Best Incandescent Staff Build & How to Get the Most Value, Explained

Incandescent Staff in Talli's wares
Incandescent Staff in Talli’s wares in BG3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, staff weapons are best equipped with strong Spellcasting classes, as these characters often lack proficiency in other weapon types. This means that Wizards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks are among the best characters to equip with the Incandescent Staff. However, Clerics and Druids may also make valuable choices here, due to the utility this weapon could bring to their Spells. Any of these Classes is a fine choice for the Incandescent Staff and will be able to obtain steady value from the perks this weapon provides.

The Incandescent Staff gives a +1 to all ranged Spell attacks made by the equipped character, as well as the addition of the Fire Bolt Cantrip and the Fireball Spell. The addition of these two abilities via the Incandescent Staff, frees up two valuable Spell slots for your character, one for a Cantrip, and one for a Spell, that you can select other options for, or swap out for something new, as the Incandescent Staff doesn’t require a Spell Slot to cast these abilities. By doing this, you will further extend the list of Spell options that your character will have inside and outside of battle, and therefore make them much more versatile for different scenarios. As Spell Slots are limited, and strategy upon when you use them is crucial for the more difficult encounters in the game. By thinking carefully about which Spells you select upon leveling your Class and what you could obtain through equipped items or weapons, you can provide many benefits to your build and bring much more utility to the table.


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