Most Hated Champions In League Of Legends


  • League of Legends has a large roster of champions, and some of them are disliked by players for various reasons.
  • New champions can be frustrating to play against because they often have overloaded kits and can feel unfair.
  • Certain champions, like Briar and Tryndamere, are hated by teammates and opponents alike for their unique mechanics and abilities.

League of Legends boasts an ever-growing roster of over 160 champions, giving players plenty of options to suit their unique playstyles. Unfortunately, a necessary by-product of a roster this large, is that some champions just rub players the wrong way.


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Champions can be hated by the League of Legends community for a multitude of reasons, from annoying laughs to unfair mechanics and a tendency to feed. Worst of all are those champions that possess a combination of these irritating features; in other words the champions responsible for rising blood pressures on both sides of the rift.

Updated January 12, 2024 by Joe Grantham: As League of Legends constantly evolves, new champions are added, old champions are reworked, and sentiments towards the existing roster fluctuate depending on the current balance and meta of the game. New champions in particular can be a constant source of frustration for players, as they are released with overloaded kits to stand out as exciting and new.

While these champions are very fun to play as, game-changing abilities can feel unfair for the enemy, and in the most extreme cases, even allies will hate playing alongside them. The most hated League champs often have annoying personalities and other reasons outside of gameplay that make players wish they never had to see them again.

22 Briar

Hated By Teammates Who Resent Her Lack Of Control

League of Legends Street Demons Briar Splash Art

Briar is the latest champion and Jungler to grace the Rift with her presence, but due to her unique frenzy mechanic that temporarily removes control from the player, teammates are not enjoying their time alongside her. She has a steep learning curve and appears to have released weak, neither of which helps.

If Briar players don’t have their E available to cancel her frenzy, or she hits the wrong target with her ultimate, there is nothing that can be done to stop her from finding an early grave. Alternatively, a fed Briar can be very frustrating to play against.

21 Tryndamere

Hated For His Volatile Early Game & Unkillable Ultimate

League of Legends Chemtech Tryndamere

Thanks to his passive, Tryndamere has fluctuating critical strike chance even in the early game, meaning early fights are extremely volatile and somewhat luck-based. This can be painful for opposing top laners and his teammates, who often have to watch him quickly lose lane and be useless for the rest of the game.

Tryndamere is also immensely annoying for enemies once he hits level 6 and gains access to his ultimate, Undying Rage, which makes him unkillable for 5 seconds. During this time, he can easily take down targets and then spin to safety.

20 Zeri

Hated For How Hard She Is To Balance, Especially In Pro Play

League of Legends Withered Rose Zeri

While Zeri is extremely fun, providing players with an experience that is usually associated with the best first-person Shooter games, she has proven to be a balancing nightmare, particularly in professional play. Given that her auto attacks are skill shots, professional ADCs can make the most of her, and weeks of LoL esports can quickly turn into repetitive Zeri pentakill montages.

Her electric speed and sometimes durable builds can make her incredibly frustrating to play against, as unlike other hyper-carriers she cannot be caught or killed. When she gets nerfed into the ground due to elite players overperforming on her, regular players hate having her on their team as she is too weak to do anything.

19 Malzahar

Hated For His Suppression Ultimate & Damage Over Time

League of Legends Debonair Malzahar Splash Art

Malzahar has to be one of the most annoying champions to lane against, and it doesn’t get much better in teamfights. With his E – Malefic Visions, Malzahar can brainlessly push in waves and if an enemy gets too close, this damage over time infliction will mess with their heads too.

On top of this, he also has a silence that stops players from using their spells, and worse than that a point-and-click ultimate that suppresses enemies, rendering them null and void for 2.5 seconds. With two abilities that practically stop you from playing the game, it is easy to see why Malzahar is one of the most hated champions in League of Legends​.

18 Seraphine

Hated For How Her Release Played Out

League of Legends Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine Splash Art

While Seraphine does not possess a particularly annoying kit, it is her mere existence that elicits such enmity from League of Legends players. Seraphine had a controversial release, with many people believing she was created primarily to make money from her K/DA skin.

Furthermore, a similarity to Sona in both theme and gameplay, left players feeling like she brought nothing new to the world of Runeterra. Whereas other champions with disputed debuts have mostly been fixed, Seraphine continues to pose questions.

17 Blitzcrank

Hated For His Hook That Can Instantly Win Fights

League of Legends Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank Splash Art

Blitzcrank is easily one of the most hated champions by most bot laners for one simple reason – his hook. Rocket Grab is without a doubt one of the strongest basic abilities in League of Legends, as one grab can win the lane or even the game.

The best Blitzcrank players hold onto their hook for as long as possible in lane, generating pressure from the mere threat of it. This is absolutely horrible for immobile ADCs to play against, particularly for players who are newer to the game.

16 Draven

Hated For His All Or Nothing Playstyle & Toxic Associations

League of Legends Ruined Draven Splash Art

Even if Draven was aware of the hate directed at him, he most likely wouldn’t care, he simply loves himself too much. The ego and toxicity Draven emanates in character, is sufficiently matched by his gameplay which demands the game be played around his success or failure. Much of this stems from Draven’s unique snowballing tool within League of Legends.

In essence, Draven acquires stacks while farming; if he is then able to get a kill he cashes in for huge amounts of gold; on the other hand, if he dies he loses most of the stacks and quickly becomes useless. This feast-or-famine play style leads to one-sided games where at least one Bot Lane isn’t having fun. To make matters worse Draven players are known for giving up and being toxic after failing to get ahead, even though their team might still be in with a chance.

15 Illaoi

Hated For Her Test Of Spirit Ability

League of Legends Cosmic Invoker Illaoi Splash Art

Due to her low popularity and pick rate, Illaoi might not be at the tip of players’ tongues when they think about the most hated champions in League of Legends. However, that quickly changes in the rare champion select where she is locked in. The annoyance of playing against her mainly stems from her E-Test of Spirit, which could not be named better.

Illaoi rips the Spirit out of her foe, which she can attack to deal damage to the host by proxy. If she manages to kill the Spirit or the host abandons their soul, her enemy will become a slow-moving Vessel that deadly Tentacles spawn around. While this is far from the strongest ability in the game, it stifles all fun for those unlucky enough to face the Kraken Priestess.

14 Morgana

Hated For Her Seemingly Infinite CC & Black Shield

League of Legends Coven Morgana Splash Art

There aren’t many things the League of Legends community can agree on, but Morgana’s Q – Dark Binding lasting for too long is one of them. Jokes are often made about what you can get done while being rooted, with playing another game being a regular punchline.

In addition to her oppressive Crowd Control, Morgana also has access to a spell shield that spoils the fun of most champions. By banning her, players can dodge all this misery and simultaneously avoid a Morgana on their team who can’t hit a single root and mistime every Black Shield.

13 K’Sante

Hated For Dealing Too Much Damage & Having Lots Of Mobility As A Tank

League of Legends Prestige Empyrean K'Sante Splash Art

K’Sante is one of the latest champions in League to test the patience of the player base, with many arguing that he has an overloaded kit. While tanks are hard to kill by nature, and many have great crowd control, K’Sante also has extremely high mobility and the potential for lots of damage.


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In fact, when K’Sante goes All Out with his ultimate, he temporarily turns into a quasi-assassin, removing his target from the fight before removing their life and returning for more blood. Whether players are trapped in his CC chain, pounded into the next life, or simply unable to lock him down, K’Sante has too much raw power.

12 Riven

Hated For Her Volatile Playstyle & Toxic Associations

League of Legends Spirit Blossom Riven Splash Art

Unfortunately, some players give a bad name to their main champions within League of Legends, and Riven is a prime victim of this. After witnessing too many Riven players run it down, leave the game, or otherwise engage in general toxic behavior, a negative association is inevitable.

Meanwhile, in the hands of a competent player, Riven can feel unstoppable with all her mobility and complex animation cancels. Champions of such a volatile nature will often warp the game one way or another and as such leave a bad taste in both sets of players’ mouths.

11 Vayne

Hated For Many Players Being Useless On Her

League of Legends Sentinel Vayne Splash Art

Marksmen in League of Legends tend to receive less hate than other classes, as they are usually on the receiving end of unfair mechanics. Vayne however, has always been one of the few exceptions. With a high skill ceiling thanks to her mobility, and a kit that rewards great positioning and aggression, Vayne has so much potential within a game.

Unfortunately, that potential is often wasted by inept players who end up using her mobility to give the enemy free kills. This is of course unless she is on the enemy team.

10 Zed

Hated By Squishy Champs For Easily One-Shotting Them

League of Legends Empyrean Zed Splash Art

Zed has historically been one of the most feared champions and as such has garnered much hatred over the years. Despite not always being strong, his consistently high ban rate shows that League of Legends players just don’t like playing against this shadow assassin.

His ability to one-shot squishy targets and subsequently escape into thin air often leaves players feeling like there is no counterplay. While counterplay certainly exists, players are just fed up with dying to him or watching their teammates fail to utilize his kit.

9 Lulu

Hated For Stopping All Kills & Her Annoying Laugh

League of Legends Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Splash Art

Any League of Legends player who’s suffered an entire laning phase listening to Lulu’s laugh would agree that she deserves her high ban rate and any contempt that goes with it. Her whimsical character just rubs extra salt in the wounds of her defeated and exasperated enemies.


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Other than making players turn off their sound, Lulu has plenty of annoying aspects to her gameplay. Any champion that wants to go in, will constantly find themselves repelled by her peel, especially her point-and-click polymorph. If an enemy ever looks like a free kill, think again if Lulu is near.

8 Darius

Hated For Being A Lane Bully

League of Legends High Noon Darius Splash Art

Known as one of the premier bullies in League of Legends, Darius is often the cause of opposing Tops never returning to lane. His true damage means that even tanks aren’t safe from his axe, and he’s always happy to heal off them when agonizingly low.

With access to immense early power and an ultimate that can keep resetting until all five enemies are dead, it is easy to see why many players hate playing against Darius. On top of all of his damage, it often feels outright unfair just how tanky he is too.

7 Fizz

Hated For How Slippery He Is

League of Legends Fizz

Fizz is a slippery Midlaner who is extremely annoying to play against, and immobile mages or marksmen in particular have few outplay opportunities versus him. In a large part this is down to his E which allows him to go untargetable, meaning that in the process of dashing onto enemies, he can’t be stopped by CC.

He is also notorious for one-shotting opponents which does little to endear him to the community, especially players just learning the basics of Mid Lane. This is all topped off by a fairly annoying personality that rubs salt into the wound.

6 Yone

Hated For Being Able To Engage From Two Screens Away

League players are more than used to being engaged by a wide variety of champions, but when Yone does this from two screens away with all his mobility, it is no wonder he has quickly risen to rank among the most hated champions.

As the brother of the even more despised Yasuo, Yone was always going to carry some bad feelings and the fact that he is an equally unreliable teammate does little to help his cause.

5 Teemo

Hated By Top Laners For His Ranged Poison Damage & Invisible Shrooms

League of Legends Devil Teemo Splash Art

Teemo has always held a special place in League of Legends players’ hearts, but not for the right reasons. Although this historically hated champion may no longer be at the top of everyone’s ban list, few players relish a trip down his fungi-infested lanes.


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Designed as a ranged Top Laner, Teemo is always going to be a nuisance for his melee opponents, and for those that rely on auto attacks, his blind is positively infuriating. If slowly whittling down enemy health bars with poisoned attacks isn’t enough, this deceptively cute Yordle can also place invisible mushrooms, which will slow and poison upon impact.

4 Master Yi

Hated For Constantly Being Untargetable

League of Legends Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi Splash Art

Master Yi is synonymous with hate in League of Legends, possessing an alarming number of despised characteristics. Slippery as an eel, Yi can wriggle his way out of most situations with his Q – Alpha Strike which renders him invisible and untargetable all while dealing massive damage. If that isn’t enough he cannot be slowed with his ult active and Meditate allows him to mitigate infuriatingly large chunks of damage.

Despite all of this if Master Yi finds himself behind or without a lead, then his teammates are likewise without a fifth member. From behind there isn’t much this master of Wuju can provide his team.

3 Yasuo

Hated For Always Being A Useless Ally Or OP Enemy

League of Legends Nightbringer Yasuo Splash Art

There are few champions in League of Legends more iconic for their ability to incessantly hand over kills to the enemy than Yasuo. Flexible enough to do this in all three lanes, Yasuo players will keep going in even when losing, digging their graves deeper and deeper.

On the other side of the coin, if Yasuo is on the enemy team, he suddenly transforms into a master swordsman, dashing all over the place and blocking any hostile projectiles with his Wind Wall. His hit-or-miss play style often leads players to ban him, regardless of his current strength in the meta.

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