Most Rewarding Side Quests In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes after its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, by featuring a vast and open Hyrule populated with all sorts of characters. While there’s already plenty to do in the game just from completing the main story, there are also countless side quests and objectives that players may not even encounter during their playthrough.


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Some of these optional side quests will even grant additional benefits for players who are adventurous enough to explore. From secret game mechanics, to expanded worlds, to even unique weapons and armor, these side quests should not be ignored by anyone who wants to spend countless hours playing Tears of the Kingdom.

Updated on January 15, 2024, by Blaise Santi: Unlike its predecessor Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has not been given DLC expansions including new side quests and adventures to go on. However, fans of the Nintendo game have little to fear, considering the vast amount of content included in the base game. This new-and-improved version of Hyrule is more than twice as expansive as its prequel, meaning there are tons of side quests in Tears of the Kingdom to be discovered that might reward the most dedicated Zelda players.

13 The Shrine Explorer

Link wearing the Ancient Hero's Aspect and posing

How to Start Quest


Complete all shrines

Ancient Hero’s Aspect

This side quest may be easy itself, but it can only be unlocked after players do the impossible: conquer all 152 shrines scattered across Hyrule. While this is an incredibly difficult endeavor for players of any expertise, “The Shrine Explorer” will come with a pretty great reward. First, players must travel back to the Temple of Time in the Sky Islands.

Returning to the starting point of Tears of the Kingdom, they will be rewarded with the Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor. When worn, this special Armor set disguises Link as a Zonai, which comes with 12 base defense. When fully upgraded, however, the Ancient Hero’s Aspect offers a whopping 84 defense, making it the highest in the entire game.

12 Zelda’s Golden Horse

One Special Steed Has Disappeared

Link riding Zelda's golden horse

How to Start Quest


Begin “Potential Princess Sightings!”, visit Snowfield Stable

Zelda’s golden horse

There are many suitable horses to discover roaming the lands of Hyrule, but few are as special as Zelda’s golden horse, the reward for a side adventure of the same name. This quest can be encountered during the “Potential Princess Sightings!” storyline, beginning when players travel to the Snowfield Stable in the Tabantha region.

After learning from Penn that Zelda’s special horse has gone missing, players can find it roaming in North Tabantha Snowfield, though there may be a Gleeok in your path. If you can avoid triggering the sub-boss fight, the horse can be claimed and returned to the stable, where you’ll be given a Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle to keep it stored.

11 The Incomplete Stable

A Simple Task Leads To A Huge Reward

Link using Ultrahand to fix the Lookout Landing stable

How to Start Quest


Complete one temple in “Regional Phenomena”, visit Lookout Landing

Lookout Landing stable

Out of all the side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, “The Incomplete Stable” might be one of the easiest. To unlock it, players must first complete one of the four temples in the “Regional Phenomena” main quest. After that, they must find Karson at Lookout Landing, who is lamenting the dismal state of the base’s stable.

All that’s needed to fix the titular unfinished stable is to use Ultrahand on a nearby plank of wood to cover the roof of the stable. Once it’s complete, Karson will grant players access to the stable, which happens to be the only one in the entire Hyrule Field area. There are few greater rewards than easy access to a stable in a location players will often visit.

10 Hestu’s Concerns

The Hunt For Korok Seeds Continues

Link talking to Hestu in Lookout Landing

How to Start Quest


Find Hestu near Lindor’s Brow in Hyrule Ridge

Inventory expansion

One returning aspect of Breath of the Wild involves the presence of Hestu, a large Korok who accepts Korok seeds in exchange for expanding Link’s inventory of bows, weapons, or shields. In Tears of the Kingdom, this mechanic is turned into a side quest called “Hestu’s Concerns,” where Link must return one Korok seed to Hestu by finding him in Hyrule.


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After completing the side quest, players can offer up an increasing amount of Korok seeds to continue expanding their inventory. This is especially useful later in the game when players will want to stock up on weapons as they battle much more difficult bosses and spend time exploring the cavernous Depths and their high-powered monsters.

9 Serenade To A Great Fairy

Increase The Potential Of Every Armor Piece

A Great Fairy looking at Mastro

How to Start Quest


Begin “Potential Princess Sightings,” visit Woodland Stable and speak to the musicians

Armor upgrading

The Great Fairies that were present throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild also return in Tears of the Kingdom, offering to upgrade Link’s armor for various rare materials. While there are four different Great Fairies to awaken, the first one that players must discover is at the Woodland Stable, where the player can accept the quest “Serenade to a Great Fairy.”

Before accessing this quest, Link must have first been tasked by the Lucky Clover Gazette to investigate sightings of Zelda at various stables in Hyrule. At the Woodland Stable, Link must team up with a musical troupe and help them travel to the Great Fairy Fountain and play music to awaken the Great Fairy Tera, who will now offer to upgrade Link’s armor.

8 A Deal With The Statue

Beware A Strange Voice Below Lookout Landing

Link looking at a glowing horned statue

How to Start Quest


Complete the Rito Village section of “Regional Phenomena,” then speak to Jerrin under Lookout Landing

Pay rupees to trade a Heart Container for a Stamina Vessel, or a Stamina Vessel for a Heart Container

This mysterious side quest requires players to investigate Lookout Landing, one of the first accessible areas in the game. After investigating the caves on behalf of Jerrin, players will be able to access a labyrinth of caves below Lookout Landing where a mysterious voice calls out to them.


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By following the voice, players will discover a demonic statue that will offer to trade a Heart Container for Stamina Vessel, and vice versa, for rupees. This is useful for players who need a boost in health or stamina for certain parts of the game, such as when Link must recover the Master Sword by using two entire wheels of stamina.

7 Hateno Research Lab

Robbie’s Research Reaps Rewards

Link talking to Robbie in Hateno Village Research Lab

How to Start Quest


Complete one of the temples in “Regional Phenomena” and complete “A Mystery in the Depths”

Purah Pad upgrades

After aiding Josha’s quest in Lookout Landing, which introduces players to the Depths, players will eventually aid Robbie in rebuilding his hot air balloon. With this repair, Robbie returns to the Hateno Village Research Lab to resume his studies on the Purah Pad. By completing a few tasks, players can upgrade their Purah Pad in several ways.

Among the Purah Pad upgrades that Robbie offers include a sensor to detect Shrines, a Travel Medallion that allows players to create their own fast-travel waypoint, and a Hero’s Path mode that shows the places Link has already traveled in Hyrule. Upgrading each of these requires their own side quests, but they’re all worthwhile for dedicated players.

6 Misko’s Treasure

Link acquiring Rubber Armor from a treasure chest

How to Start Quest


Find Meeshy roaming Central Hyrule and rescue her from monsters

Armor sets

There are a variety of “Misko’s Treasure” side quests in Tears of the Kingdom that reap some pretty great rewards for hardcore Legend of Zelda fans. The quests are given out by certain characters in Hyrule, though the treasures can still be found even without technically accepting each individual “Misko’s Treasure” quest.


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Among the rewards for finding “Misko’s Treasure” are various pieces of Armor sets, including ones from previous Zelda games like the Fierce Deity outfit, the Tingle set, and the Link’s Awakening HD set. Some of the other rewards from “Misko’s Treasure” include useful armor like Rubber Armor or Climbing Gear, which will aid in exploring Hyrule.

5 A New Champion’s Tunic

Zelda’s Hiding Something In Hyrule Castle

Link acquiring Champion's Leathers

How to Start Quest


Investigate the well behind Zelda’s house in Hateno Village and find Zelda’s journal

Champion’s Leathers

In Hateno Village, players will find Princess Zelda’s home, where they can read Zelda’s journal. By doing this, it’s revealed that Zelda has a new and improved version of Link’s iconic blue Champion’s Tunic hidden in Hyrule Castle’s throne room. With the side quest “A New Champion’s Tunic” activated, players will have to confront Hyrule Castle.

By completing the quest and collecting the new Champion’s Tunic, players will have a pretty strong chest piece for their armory. However, to upgrade it to one level, players will need to collect scales from the Light Dragon. This will require them to complete the geoglyph quest given to them by Impa, which offers its own benefits as well.

4 Mattison’s Independence

A Family Drama Set In Tarrey Town

Hudson and Rhondson confronting Mattison

How to Start Quest


Speak with Hudson and Rhondson in Tarrey Town

200 rupees, Tarrey Town side quests

Those who spent a lot of time playing Breath of the Wild will likely remember helping establish Tarrey Town through various side quests. By Tears of the Kingdom, Tarrey Town is still thriving, though plagued with personal troubles. This is what leads to the “Mattison’s Independence” side quest, where players must reconcile Mattison with her father, Hudson.

While the actual quest only rewards 200 rupees, players will also finally be able to access a lot of services around Tarrey Town. Rhondson, Mattison’s mother, can now be accessed to help build Link a house with the side quest “Home on Arrange.” Other side quests across Tarrey Town will also be accessible, allowing Link to learn more about these citizens.

3 Infiltrating The Yiga Clan

Link talking to the Yiga Blademaster

How to Start Quest


Find the Yiga Clan hideout in the Gerudo Highlands

Access to the Yiga Clan hideout

The Yiga Clan returns from Breath of the Wild, playing a major role in many quests throughout Tears of the Kingdom. One of the more significant ones is “Infiltrating the Yiga Clan,” which requires Link to collect pieces of the Yiga Clan’s armor set throughout Hyrule in order to gain access to their hideout.


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These armor pieces are scattered in different corners of Hyrule. The chest piece is in Akkala, the legs are near Korok Forest, and the mask is near Lake Hylia. Once the Yiga Clan has been infiltrated successfully, players will be able to access shops, a vehicle construction room, and a challenge that will reward players with a new attack and the Lightning Helm.

2 Ruffian-Infested Village

A Friendly Neighborhood Hero Of Hyrule

Link posing in front of Lurelin Village

How to Start Quest


Speak to Rozel and Bolson near Sifimum Shrine

Lurelin Village side quests

Once players find Rozel and Bolson near Lurelin Village, they will complain about how their village has been overrun with monsters. Once the quest is accepted, it’s up to Link to clear the monsters out so that it can be rebuilt. This fight will vary in difficulty depending on how far players are in their adventure.

By completing “Ruffian-Infested Village,” players will unlock subsequent side quests where they get to help restore Lurelin Village to its former glory. Among Lurelin Village’s attractions are a shop for monster parts, an inn to restore hearts, as well as villagers who will periodically give Link extra fish or treasure that they find.

1 A Call From The Depths

Tread Lightly In Hyrule’s Underworld

Link approaching the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time

How to Start Quest


Interact with the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time Ruins

Bargainer Statue

Some nostalgic players may find themselves exploring the Great Plateau during their early adventures in Tears of the Kingdom. There, they’ll find that the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time Ruins offers a hint for players to explore the Depths below the Great Plateau. This will lead players on an extended exploration of the Depths, navigating with Zonai tech.

If players follow the right direction, they’ll eventually find a massive Bargainer Statue, which will reward players with an additional Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. Afterward, the Bargainer Statue will begin accepting Poes in exchange for items like Bomb Flowers or pieces of the Dark Tunic set.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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