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  • The upcoming One Piece chapter 1105 is expected to be an exciting and pivotal part of the Egghead Island arc.
  • A Buster Call has been invoked on Egghead Island, signaling a change in strategy for the World Government and setting the stage for intense events.
  • Saturn and Kizaru will launch a full-scale assault on the Straw Hat Pirates and other characters on the island, while Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro engage in intense fights of their own.

Having recently returned from an incredibly long break, fans are already on the edge of their seats for One Piece chapter 1105. The previous chapter of the series blew the fans away by tackling some of the most exciting events in the Egghead Island arc. Following the arrival of Kuma on the island, the Egghead Island arc was always going to heat up and it certainly did so in quite some fashion.


One Piece: All Egghead Finale Fights, Explained

The Egghead arc in One Piece has many intense fights lined up for its finale.

Now, it appears that the stage is set for the finale of the arc, which, by the looks of it, is going to be absolutely sensational. Fans are desperate to see Oda tackle this part of the series and deliver upon the Egghead Incident, which has now been teased for over a year in the story. In that regard, One Piece chapter 1105 is absolutely pivotal.

The Buster Call On Egghead Begins

One Piece Buster Call Egghead one piece 1105

Towards the end of the previous chapter, fans saw an interesting turn of events, as a Buster Call was invoked on Egghead Island. For fans who do not remember, a Buster Call Is the strongest military operation that the Navy possesses. It sees 10 battleships, commanded by five Vice Admirals, destroy an island using firepower and reduce it to smithereens. Now, a Buster Call has been invoked on Egghead Island and the idea is to reduce everything to ash. This sees a change in strategy for the World Government. Previously, Saturn made it quite clear that they wanted to secure York and at the same time, the power plant that produced the mother flame needed to be secured as well. Now, it appears that there has been a change in strategy.

Saturn has now recognized the fact that they absolutely cannot stop the Straw Hat Pirate Crew from taking advantage of the situation if they do not go all out. As a result, Saturn has ordered a Buster Call on Egghead Island and this is going to be the trigger for some of the most exciting events in the story. This Buster Call, that fans will most definitely see in One Piece chapter 1105, is also going to be one of the most intense ones that the story will ever produce. Instead of a regular Buster Call, which has 10 battleships and Five Vice Admirals, there are 100 ships surrounding the island, out of which 20 are giant warships.

Instead of just five Vice Admirals, there are nine Vice Admirals surrounding Egghead Island at the moment and, at the same time, there is one Admiral and even a member of the Five Elders. This Buster call is far bigger than anything that fans have seen in the story and that is exactly what makes One Piece 1105 all the more exciting. Fans will definitely get to see how this plays out in the upcoming chapter and how the island prevents itself from collapse.

Saturn And Kizaru’s All Out Assault

saturn tries to kill bonney one piece 1105

One thing that fans can be absolutely certain will happen in One Piece chapter 1105 is Saturn and Kizaru launching a full blown assault on the Straw Hat Pirates and everyone else on the island. Even though a Buster Call has been called on the island, Saturn and Kizaru cannot simply just leave and watch as the island is destroyed by canonfire. Instead, they are going to stay and fight anyone and everyone who opposes them. They also have to carry out the mission of assassinating Vegapunk and, at the same time, eliminating Kuma and Luffy. These are important targets for the Navy to meet here on this island, and, for that reason, they absolutely cannot leave at any cost.


One Piece: Egghead Island Buster Call, Explained

A buster call is called on Egghead island, putting the straw hats in a difficult situation in the One Piece manga.

It also makes sense for these two individuals to stay on the island, given that they will be unaffected by the cannonfire. In the case of Kizaru, fans already know that he possesses a Logia body and even if he’s shot a billion times by cannonfire, he will simply remain unaffected by it. At the same time, Saturn, despite being apparently a Zoan type, has an incredible regeneration factor. In fact, his regeneration ability almost seems to be magical. Whatever damage he ends up taking gets regenerated within an instant. It’s almost as of Saturn doesn’t even need to dodge any attacks and that is what makes him truly special.

In theory, even if Egghead is destroyed, Saturn would likely be able to regenerate from the damage that he took and that is why he can go all out on the island without having to worry about the Buster Call hitting him as well.

Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro On The Scene

nami Zoro luffy together in One Piece 1105

One thing that fans will most definitely see in One Piece chapter 1105 is incredible action. Fans have a lot of expectations from the Monster Trio in the Egghead Island Arc, now more than ever before. This is simply down to the fact that these are the strongest fighters on the island from the side of the Straw Hat Pirates and all of them are currently engaged in some sort of combat. In the case of Zoro, he is going to be taking on Lucci and has already begun fighting him. Fans expect Zoro to defeat Lucci, however, contrary to popular belief, this is going to be a very difficult fight for him.

Meanwhile, Luffy, who is currently not in action, is going to return very soon. He already disappeared in the previous chapter, and now, fans expect him to return in full force in an attempt to combat Saturn, who is likely the strongest on the island at the moment. Luffy, who previously disappeared, should return to action in One Piece chapter 1105 and that means his fight against Saturn will likely begin in this chapter of the story.

Meanwhile, Sanji will most definitely be engaging in combat against Kizaru, the Marine Admiral who was seen fighting against Luffy previously. This is an incredible setup of final fights in the Egghead Island Arc and fans can only hope that Oda delivers upon them as the climax of the Egghead Island arc continues. Given the incredibly exciting pacing of the Egghead Island Arc, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the fans to see Oda starting these amazing fights in One Piece chapter 1105. If that were to be the case, then one can expect this amazing arc to wrap up within the course of the next few months.

Thankfully, fans will not have to wait for a prolonged period of time for the upcoming chapter of One Piece. There is no break next week and that means One Piece chapter 1105 is only days away. The Egghead Island finale continues uninterrupted next week and fans will most definitely see some incredible developments pertaining to the intense plot of this amazing future island arc, now that the island has been marked for destruction by the World Government.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1105, is set to be January 28, 2024.

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